08 January 2011

Avril Lavigne 'Forbidden Rose' Perfume set.

So I picked up this little set just before Christmas. It’s Avril Lavignes ‘Forbidden Rose’. 

1)     I like the name – pretty yet daring!
2)    I like Avril Lavigne – her music anyway!
3)    I loved the colour - Purpleish/blueish/blackish/silverish - my fav colours!
4)    I like the perfume too!

So all in all I like. It’s like nothing I’ve ever smelt before. It’s described on her website as;

"Forbidden Rose is a sparkling fusion of fruity, floral and woody notes that blend together to create a spirited composition. With its hints of both fantasy and fearlessness, Forbidden Rose comes to life, like a fairytale. The fragrance opens with the forbidden fruit itself – the ever-enchanting red apple, enhanced by delicious wine peach. The story then unfolds with notes of white lotus, adding pureness and beauty. The base of the fragrance shines through, exuding warmth through its vanilla and sweet praline accents. A deep woody undertone finally emerges, completing Forbidden Rose’s captivating tale."

Now to me it is not Fruity.... in the slightest. Floral? Yes kinda, in a weird way. It’s not a fresh flowery type of smell. Floral and woody notes blended is quite a good description. It’s actually almost a more masculine scent. Don’t get me wrong it is feminine but it’s not girly. Am I making a complete balls of this!!? Haha! If you happen to see it try n get a sniff and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s very unusual and I think it’s a love or hate type of perfume. And I do love it because it’s so different.
So the set I picked up was €25 before Christmas but I’ve recently seen the same set for sale in Debenhams for €16.66 (on the website also – here’s the link click HERE for the link.or HERE to get it for €18.20 online) You get 30mls of the eau de parfum, a 50ml body lotion and a little faux leather clutch. The inside of it is beautifully silky purple! (Like an eejet I never took a pic but I’m sure you can Google it!) Ooooh and also you may not notice but just below the black rose lid is a silver ring (a barbed wire design). I snapped some pics of mine below. Apologies, the lighting isn't that great.

Have you discovered any unusual scents recently?
Bye awhile! Slán!


avril lavigne said...

this perfume smells so good, i really like the bottle too

FitznBitz said...

Me too :)

Anonymous said...

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