01 January 2011

My first MAC Purchases!

So, here we go! This is my blog, my beauty blog perhaps. Many people may be surprised that I have started writing a beauty blog and that I am only now buying my first MAC items. Well, technically it's not my very first as I do own Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick.... but apart from that i'm a MAC virgin!! I bought 2 (3ish) products in Brown Thomas, so here goes!...
 First up it's MAC Studio Fix Fluid - which was €30.87. I'm in the colour NW20. It's a lovely sturdy glass bottle which holds 30mls of product and is SPF15. It's a liquid foundation (obviously, seeing as though it's in a bottle!!) with a screw cap, which, when opened is a fully open bottle top, with no sense of control for extracting the foundation.

(Click to enlarge)
Hence why i purchased the next product.... the foundation pump. Nothing exciting. It was €3.98

(Click to enlarge)
And last but certainly not least is the lippie. I got Hue, which is a glaze finish and was €17.43. It's a beautiful pinkish nude colour - a lovely nude for fairer skinned ladies. It's not a BANG in your face, I can see your wearing lipstick, type of lipstick. It's more sheer than a matte nude, but it's exactly what I wanted. Alot of people love the concealer/washed out lips look, and this may work for darker toned skin, but for me a NW20 (I'm excited to now know that!!) a skin nude would look shocking! I am already in love with hue.

(Click to enlarge)

I also purchased Benefit's High Beam, which is described as a 'luminescent complexion enhancer'. Basically it's a light pink highlighter, which on the skin (below) has a pinkish/silverish sheen, which I will use on my upper cheeks and brow bone. I've also heard of people applying it to the nose to lengthen, or on the collor bones just for a pretty sheen. It basically looks like a nail varnish (larger) bottle with a brush applicator, which you just dot onto where you want to apply and then smudge in with your fingers. It was €26 in Debenhams. 

Oh, and I also got my Brown Thomas and Debnehams loyalty/Beauty Club Cards. I've a feeling that I may be back in the near future if my wallet can handle it! They both claim to offer Gifts and special offers, the usual tips and newsletter emails and points on your card to save up and use against future purchases. The Brown Thomas Black Card sends you invitations to exclusive Brown Thomas events, Birthday treats and rewards. Debenhams have a special Beauty Club and apparently you can avail of Free Beauty Makeovers and consultations. Don't know how true that is though!? Oh and also with the Debenhams card you're entitled to free p&p when ordering online, so for that reason alone it may be worthwhile picking one up! 

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Ok, so I might as well throw in my final purchase of the day which was Cheryl Coles (official, as I know there are other books about her) new book. It was €19.80 originally but I got it on sale for €12.99 in Easons. I originally went in there to buy Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby's book - The Best Friends' Guide to Life , which looked sooo cute, but I hadnt enough money on me at the time, and rather than leaving empty handed (I tend to spend EVERY cent i've left while shopping!!) I noticed Cheryls big beautiful face staring at me. I strolled over and had a flip though it and once James (my boyfriend) saw me, he snapped it out of my hands and said "come on your definatley getting that, i'll have a look at it too ;)"....so there ya go! I wonder if there weren't as many pics in it would he be half as willing for me to buy it!! I havent read it yet but it does look like a nice nosey into her life, with lots of pics. She's absolutley stunning.

So that's my little New Years Eve shopping spree shared. Has anyone else bought in the New Years Sales? Whacha get!!? Do tell!!..... Slán!


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