24 January 2011

The Travalo

I NEED to talk about this next product! It is thee handiest thing for perfume lovers. It’s called the Travalo.
It’s basically a little refillable perfume atomiser – meaning that you can insert any perfume into this little container and throw it into your bag instead of hauling around a heavy and breakable perfume bottle – also ideal for when you’re travelling by plane to avoid all that liquid limit pain in the ass! It’s roughly the size of a lipstick and when filled it contains on average about 50 sprays. It’s really easy to do and is spill/mess free! Below is how I filled mine.

I chose my Juicy Couture - Couture Couture perfume. I just popped off the spray nozzle.
On the bottom of the Travalo is a small little plastic hole.
Place the tube of the perfume bottle into this little hole and pump up and down until it’s as full as you desire. There’s a handy little fill indicator on the clear part for you to see.

It comes in a variety of colours including silver, gold, pink, black and red. I got mine in a Unicare Pharmacy. I haven't seen them available in Ireland anywhere else apart from there or alternatively you could order one from EBay. The Travalo website doesn’t seem to ship to Ireland. They can to the UK via another crowd who only ship within the UK....bummer. So if you’re lucky to spy one of these I highly recommend picked up a few for your fav perfumes!

Laura xo
UPDATE 31/01/2011 - Josie who was reading my blog informed me that Pixmania are selling the Travalo now also. Click HERE to have a looksie! Thanks Josie :)

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