02 February 2011

New Boots!

Hello girls!
Just a quick post to show you my new booties!! Now I’m aware some people will hate them and some will like them so I’d really love to know what you think. Personally I like them, my boyfriend hates them and one of my friends said they look like biker boots! (which btw I decided to take as a compliment!!) Have a little look-see below:

There were some similar (probably nicer) ones in Pennys for €23 which I was immediately drawn towards, but I said NO LAURA...Cop on stop spending money. But when I passed the sale rack in Barrett’s I couldn’t but help having a gawk. And shur when I saw there were originally €75 reduced to €29... bam.. I was sold. Which I know is pathetic. The power of the yellow/blue/orange sticker eh!??

Laura  xo

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