23 February 2011

TAG: 4 Product Challenge

Hallo all!

I was tagged by Sinead over at Viva Adonis to do the 4 Product Challenge. This involves whittling down (like my Take Me Out reference!!?) your make up products to just 4 to wear for the day. I didnt find this too hard. To be honest I don't have much of a problem going out with nothing on my face - That probably has something to do with me being fairly happy with my skin - I thankfully have never suffered with Acne etc. But in saying that I have included foundation in my list!! Here goes!! My first 2 would be my 2 ultimates that I would be happy to use alone!


1. Blusher

I think this would be top of my list. I love the way it can completly change the colour (obviously!) and dimensions of my face. I feel it makes me look alive. Without it I feel just...plain. It brightens up my face and adds life. I have been loving my Benefit - Coralista. Bourjois - 34 Rose d'Or and Elf - Merry Berry.

2. Lipgloss

I was trying to decide between gloss or lisptick but I went with lipgloss as it adds shine as well as colour. I feel by using these two items alone - blusher and lipgloss -  I would tie my hair back in a high twist or bun and it screams simplicity and elegance, I love the way a gloss can emphasive and enhance the size of my lips and as I said adds colour too. Some I have been using alot recently are below:
 (Got this first one before it was released from one of the lovely girls in the Bourjois Office)

L-R - (New)Bourjois Effet 3D -01 Beige Elastic, Bourjois Effet - 34 Rose Mythic & 33 Brun Poetic, Sexy Mother Pucker (by Soap & Gloary - Pink Apricot, GOSH Lipgloss - 0068, Urban Decay Lip Junkie - Peroxide, Essence XXXL Nudes - 01 Pure Beauty, and Barry M - 5 Bubblegum Pink

3. Black Eyeliner

I think it's my top product for my eyes. It adds definition and even though black can sometimes "close" the size of your eyes, at the same time if i wear a black eyeliner I am immediatly drawn to look at them. Also I could smudge it out as an eyeshadow to cheat!! I've been using Barry M Intense Black Eyeliner Pen and Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero from my Naked Palette.

4. Foundation

If I had to chose a 4th I suppose it would be between mascara or foundation so I went with this. I feel that by having the black liner my eyes are emphasized enough, and foundation can make me look more polished. Even though I said I am happy with my skin I can sometime feel a bit naked without it. I use it mainly to cover freckles or little veins. And of course under my eyes. Currently I'm using Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NW20. It's grand, good coverage, ok to blend but i'm def not blown away by it. I find it to be a bit too industrial smelling and feeling!! I have tried Bourjois Healthy Mix and loved it. I'm currently eyeing Chanel Pro Lumiere after seeing Pixiwoos vid on Chanel Foundations.

(Image from Chanel.com Website)                                                (Image from Bourjois.co.uk website)

That was fun!! Thanks Sinead for tagging me!! I tag YOU if you're reading this. Let me know if you do it and I'll have a look!! Some girls in particular I tag are:

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Thanks so much for reading and speak to you soon :)

Laura  xo


Katie Elisabeth said...

Thanks for tagging me :D shall do it this evening xx

FitznBitz said...

I'll look out for it! :)

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