01 March 2011

China Glaze

Hello there!

So I've been going through a nail varnish phase recently. I wanted to try something  new. I'm not one to buy from one particular brand all the time - I'll try everything! Now I'm aware prices vary dramatically from lower to higher end, but to be honest I don't see why!!? Can there really be that much of a difference between one for example from Essence for €1.29 and one from Chanel for €20-€22!! They all chip or flake off in the end and to be honest by the time they start chipping I'm probably going for a shower and want to apply a new colour anyway. In saying that, I have tried OPI and application and staying power was quite good in fairness! I've noticed alot of Americanas on You Tube mentioning China Glaze. I've seen some fab shades and the bottle itself looks expensive - but aparently the price isnt as hefty? I went to investigate. I wandered onto ebay and came across quite a bunch. I compared prices and p&p prices from America to Ireland and found the best deal with THIS COMPANYI bought THIS, THIS and THIS! The order came to €14.58/$19.47 including postage and packaging!!! Make sure to check or enquire about combined packaging - usually you pay a certain amount for the first polish and cheaper for the rest) I put through the order on Wednesday the 9th and my package arrived on Monday 14th. I was expecting it to be a week or more, so I was pleasantly surprised by the fast shipping (especially considering it was over a weekend too!) It arrived in-tact and packaged well: 

 Ok so here are the three I got!


I was so excited to try them straight away. I applied just one coat to each nail as below:


After trying out two of the nail varnishes I have to say the staying power really is very good. Application was lovely, not goopy or anything like that, and the colour pay off is quite good, a second coat was not even fully necessarry. I'll def be buying again in some more exciting shades!
Oh and by the way if any of you have any miracle remedies or products to strengthn nails i'd love your advice. My nails grow no bother but are really weak. HELP!?

What do you lot think? Have any of you tried China Glaze?

          Laura  xo

(I had permission to mention the company I bought from :)

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