28 March 2011

Yes To Carrots - My (bad) Experience

Hey Everyone.

 Here's my recap of what I experienced while using the Yes To Carrots Happy Face set. I used all 3 products so I can't pinpoint which it was that I had a reaction to. (perhaps it's the same ingredient in all 3?) I love the packaging of these, in particular the pots (they look much nicer in person!) They look simple, elegant, clean/fresh. But guess what? They've since changed the packaging - why; I do not know. It's the complete opposite to this, more colour and text on the tubs - it almost looks more like medicine :( Why why why!! Anyway, moving on!

 L-R Mask, Face Wash, Moisturiser.

L-R Mask & Moisturiser

Softening Facial Mask - Reg. $14.99 Image
New packaging in case you're wondering!
(image from www.yestocarrots.com)

On day one I used the wash and moisturiser. On day 2 I used the wash, mask and moisturiser. I noticed little bumps on my forehead and chin. I thought perhaps it was my diet or something as I have never had a reaction to a face product before - and also thought there was no way it could be these products as they claim to be gentle, natural and organic. 

I used the wash and moisturiser the next day and for sure I knew it was a reaction to these products. My face was red, itchy, the little bumps were hot and quite sensitive. I took a break for the next day but it was too late, the damage had been done. The bumps were really sensitive and now my skin was starting to flake. Sorry for the gross-ness but we're all human ya!!?

 (The bumps are in the middle just above my eyebrows - camera didn't pick up on it too well)

Lovely eh? I was quite disappointed with all of this. When it comes to skin products I love to use natural ingredients rather that chemically/industrial produced ingredients that claim to do all sorts. I have heard great things about this range but unfortunately the Carrots line has let me down. Perhaps the company are right and the cucumber line would suit me better - even though I have normal skin. I would be curious to try more out to be honest!! A bit nervous but at the same time I think curiosity will get the better of me!! I know many of you might be thinking, "you're mad, and in fact in the video I think I said "not a hope in hell", but the more I think about it the more I want to see if I have a reaction to the other ones. What do you lot think? Have you tried this brand or any of the other ones?


Updated video:


Laura  xo


Lauren said...

I watched your vid on this product too and it sounds awful! As does the customer service from the company which is disappointing. My skin is bad at the minute and it must be a skin produxt I'm using but I can't figure out what...

Sunshine Rose said...

It's awful that you've had such a bad reaction to the product:( I've used them before and found it really good but skin can be so temperamental!

FitznBitz said...

I guess at the same time what could they say to me, but I thought they might have some idea.

Ya I guess so!

Miss A said...

I love the Yes To Carrots shampoo but haven't tried anything else from them..


FitznBitz said...

My sister has tried that and said it's lovely too actually!

Makeup Hair and Glitz said...

i get this to hate it lasts for days :( wish i cud pin point the root of it :( x x

adoreabubbles said...

I've always seen these products in my local pharmacy and wanted to try them.

Mcooper1217 said...

Oh my gosh I am so glad I found your post about this. I had a horrible reaction but thought it was just a breakout! My scalp has been itchy and I had bumps above my eyebrows.

Girly Girl said...

The only thing I like in their range is the berry chapstick. It's the only chapstick I've ever found that doesn't cause an allergic reaction on my lips, keeps them moist, and makes them look good. I've tried other products and am just not a fan of them.

FitznBitz said...

The berry one was my favourite too :)

FitznBitz said...

Oh dear, hope you receovered ok? I've never had a experience with a product like this :(

KK said...

I use Yes to Carrots, but when my daughter (16) used the cream, the Niacin in it caused her to "flush". She had itchy bumps all over her legs, arms, back and was burning up. Oddly enough, my other daughter (18) has very sensitive skin and has eczema, but she uses it fine. I am use to the Niacin flush from Niacin pills, but have not heard of it from lotion before.

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