28 April 2011

NEW Beyoncé 'Heat Rush' Perfume

Hey there.

So recently I’ve been obsessing over perfumes. I don’t know what has come over me – I think it might be the weather improving slightly here in Ireland, and for some reason I associate summer and good weather with perfume – don’t ask me why!! Anyway, I called into my local chemist at lunchtime today and saw the new Beyoncé perfume.
Immediately I went over for a sniff. I own her first fragrance so was quite curious to see what her next one is like. The stand was nice looking, bright fresh yellow orange and gold colours but I was for some reason a bit disappointed that the bottle was the same as the previous one.
 I then looked at the name and realised that it wasn’t just ‘Rush’ which I thought it was, it is called ‘Heat Rush’ so that explained that (the previous one is called ‘Heat’ so I took it as being a continuation of that one in a way.) So I got over that and got to the smelling!

First impression?....Meh! Wasn’t overly impressed. Nice enough like but nothing to write home about (sorry that's a kind of Irish thing!) I continued looking around the chemist and let the perfume settle onto my skin. I came back to work, sat down and started working. It was when I went to move my hair back from my face I got another whiff of it and..... it was lovely! Much much nicer than when I had smelt it straight away in the chemist.

If you have smelt her first fragrance, it’s definitely similar to it but I would say more fruity. It’s described as:

The only downside to this is that it’s an Eau de Toilette which means the scent may not linger on the skin for long – which I’d what I look for in a perfume. It’s 4.5 hours later now as I write this and the smell has almost completely left my skin. This is quite strange as the original ‘Heat’ was an Eau de Parfum – don’t know why that has changed (they are both around the same price range!) Other than that I have to say I’m liking it. Prices are as follows:

50ml Bottle = €33.95 (it's a few € cheaper on Debenhams online - €29.70)
30ml bottle = €25.95 (or €23.10 Debenhams)

Gold Shimmering Body Cream (200ml) claims to “hydrate your skin and leave a nice light veil of sparkles”. To be honest I wouldn't rely on that description too much if it’s anything like the original ‘Heat’ body lotion that was basically NOT shimmery at all!! But of course it is nice to rub on your skin before you spritz on your perfume to make it last longer. At the moment you get a free gold/bronze clutch if you buy one of the perfumes
Have you smelt this perfume? What did you think?

Laura  xo

(All images from www.beyonceparfums.com)

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