01 April 2011

Yankee Candles

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to get your advice on Yankee Candles. I called into the shop a few weeks ago and was overwhelmed by the choice they had. I decided to buy a few small ones and test them out to see which ones I liked best before buying the full size ones. I learned they have "tarts" and "votives" (which I got 25% off on!). I picked up this lot:

There's a bit of a mix in there!! I also bought a little glass "Rolly Polly"!! I've tried the Strawberry Buttercream and French vanilla (which I liked) and Water Garden (which I wasn't mad about) Last week like a feckin eejet I opened one of the tarts and to my surprise there was no wick in it. I was like "Great" :( But it felt weird, and looked weird! I went on the website and disovered that the tarts are not actually candles, they are just wax to be melted on a burner. Felt like a right mog!! I must now buy a burner thingi. Anyone have any nice ones. I've only seen old fashioned not particularly nice looking ones!! There are some pricey enough ones on the website!

Wax Tarts - €1.50
Votives - €1.87 (normally €2.50)
Glass Holder - €1.50

Here's a link to the Irish Yankee Candles Online Store in case you don't have a supplier near you and want to try :) If you have fallen in love with a particular scent, let me know and I'll try it out!! I love candles so will definitely continue to search for the perfect scent!


Laura  xo


Lauren said...

My mum loves Yankee Candles and I have been thinking of getting one for my room so may call in to the shop near me today and see what catches my eye :)

Sunshine Rose said...

They really have such a huge selection of scents! Out of what you got, the only one I tried was the clean cotton one which I love. It's been a while since I've used any though so I can't even remember the other one's I liked, I'll have to go out and try some more!

Sarah said...

I got a burner off eBay, it's really pretty like a cracked mirror effect - I blogged about it a few days ago if you wanna go have a wee look for some ideas! :D
Oh Vanilla Lime is beaut - really nice for summer.


FitznBitz said...

Let me know what you get Lauren!

They really do don't they Sunshine!! The Clean Cotton one smells lovely and fresh all right - quite strong and it's not even out of the packet yet!

Oh ya I might have a look at ebay actually-duh!! Cracked mirror ooh sounds nice. I love vanilla but hate lime!!

The Make Up Fairy said...

I was just given a box set of Yankee minis which I'm going to do a review on. I'm obsessed with these candles. Vanilla Cupcake is my ultimate fav, smells like a bakery :) xxx

FitznBitz said...

Oh i'll make sure to keep an eye out for that Joanne thanks! I like vanillaish things too!

nicoletta said...

Have you tried lavender lemon? Its lovely. I buy all my wax tarts from an online seller which i have blogged about as they are similar to yankee but half the price.
I recently got a pretty tart burner from wilkinsons it was only a few quid and really pretty. xx

FitznBitz said...

I haven't Nicoletta but you're the 2nd or 3rd person who has mentioned it so i'll def be giving it a try! Thanks! Oooh shall have a look!

PinkSugarMakeup said...

have you smelled the baby powder one? i'm addicted!!

FitznBitz said...

NO!!! I didnt even know there was a baby powder one!!! Class!!

Fianna B said...

omg the french vanilla and vanilla cupcake look gorgeous!! Love yankee candles, have a large one as an xmas present, but I should def pick up a few small ones!!