27 May 2011

NYX Girls Round Lip Glosses

 Hello all!!
So recently I made a purchase on CherryCulture This is basically a website that sells make up (some of which are not widely available here in Ireland). I was delighted to see that there was a sale on NYX Lipglosses! Woo!!

These little fellows below, were down from $3 to $2 each (which is roughly about €1.40... HALLO!!) I was sold. The name of these glosses in particular are the 'NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss'. I ordered 5 and including p&p it came to €15.29/$21.17. It took 8 days in total from day of ordering to day of arriving at my doorstep.

L-R: Peach, Natural, Real Nude, Sorbet, Whipped

This is the wand (which I always called "dofer applicator" but when I google it not much comes up, am I crazy!!!?.....I have now been told I am indeed crazy, well not really, but the correct word apparently is "Doefoot"... what the hell!!? I always said "dofer"!!! Aaaahaha! Thanks Lorraine!)

About the glosses themselves; the formulation is smooth and definitely not sticky. It has a smell of what I would describe as a mix of Tooti Fruiti and Refresher sweets (same as the Bourjois Effet 3D ones - which I love!) Two of them had some glitter in them. When I saw this I was like "eeeeeek!!". I am NOT a fan of glitter, but when applied the glitter does not show through - don't ask me how or why! Here's the two with glitter. (click to have a closer look at the glitter)
Peach                              Sorbet

I wouldn't say they are majorly long lasting on the lips but that's not a problem for me because if I am wearing lipgloss I re-apply it throughout the day regardless of whether I need to or not! Lets just put that down to habbit.
And this is the little freebie I got. A Bubble Gum Lip Blam. On first sniff it was indeed Bubblegummy! When I applied it to my lips I definitely got the smell of banana - which oddly enough I am ALLERGIC to and beyond that, absolutly DESPISE! So I won'e be using that again. This is completly personal preference, other wise it's lovely to get a little freebie like this!

So now here are some individual swatches and what they look like on (FYI just wanted to point out that my lips are quite pigmented so when I apply just lipgloss I lightly go over my lips with whatever excess is left over on my foundation brush to give it more of a neutral canvas :)



Real Nude



So there you have it. Overall I am definitely happy. Here's the YouTube video I made on same :)

Have you tried NYX Lipglosses? Any reccommendations!?

Laura xo


Lorraine said...

Haha, Doe-foot application maybe? :D x

Lauren said...

I have literally NEVER heard of the wand/applicator being called either 'dofer' OR 'doefoot' - WTF?! Lol I think I've always just called it a wand or a brush! These look lovely, and slightly similar to BarryM!

FitznBitz said...

@Lorrainehaha ok, if you say so!! I sound clueless now!!

FitznBitz said...

@Lauren haha ya that's what they are but perhaps wand will just do from now on seeing as though I was misprenouncing it all along! Unless It's french or something, then I gues I wouldnt be misprenouncing!! Ya they are similar to Barry M actually!

Grace said...

Sorbet and whipped are gorgeous! X

FitznBitz said...

@GraceThose two are prob my most used so far!! :)

Katey said...

These look gorgeous..I've not bought much from NYX as they're quite hard to get in the UK - except offline.

Anonymous said...

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