08 June 2011

Bad Morning Rant

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So I woke up this morning in a bad mood. I didn't have a good night sleep - which is extremely rare for me. I'm one of those people who can sleep anywhere or sleep through alot of noise and that kind of thing. I awoke feeling fed up and annoyed. Not a nice feeling. I looked at my phone and I was late...... perfect.
I got up and went about my usual morning (in a rush) but I just couldn't shake this feeling of....UGH! Cathal even asked me "why aren't you talking to me this morning Mom?" My heart melted a bit at that and I realised I needed to snap out of it. I got him dressed while having a little chat and fixed his brekkie and went upstairs to sort my hair and make up. 
Guess what, bad hair day. I don't often have these particularly either but this morning my hair was just frizzy and full of kinks. I hadn't time to straighten it so I wet it a bit and put some mousse through it to scrunch it up. Looked in the mirror..... ugh.... would have to do. I then went on to slap on a bit of make up. I was still half asleep and kept dropping things; including my foundation which splattered all over the place including my pants which I then had to change. Then my pants didn't suit my top so I had to change my whole outfit. I felt like screaming but James was still in bed so I had to keep hush. 
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Next thing "beep beep". My sister was outside to collect me as I hadn't time to walk in to work and school with Cathal. Plus, it was LASHING rain which also added to my frustrations with it belting off the window while I attempted to get ready. I grabbed my bag and jacket and ran out the door with Cathal who was still finishing his breakfast - god love him, but at least he had a smile in his face!
I came in to work and tripped over the mat on the way in. Lovely. I just kind of ignored the fella who was in before me. "He didn't even look up when I walked in so sod him" I thought so I didn't bother saying "morning" as I usually do. I sat down, set up my computer and went down to get the office phone - which was dead. Lovely. I charged it for a while and checked the voicemail. Obviously yesterday no-one in the office had bothered to look at/answer the phone. Grr.... So there were plenty of messages on it, including people more a less shouting and being rude. 
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Now that more people are in the office I just don't feel like I'm in the mood for the usual "how was your weekend" small talk. I feel like being alone. I tweeted that I wan't in a good mood. Don't know why, I just felt the urge to. I don't usually like to complain for no good reason. I'm usually fairly good at appreciating things. So as I sit here writing this with my cup of coffee - which I have to say is soothing me slightly seeing as though I hadn't time for my own breakfast - I've actually annoyed myself at how ridiculous I am being. I'm not particularly feeling sorry for myself but I'm starting to realise that I shouldn't be feeling like this for no reason. Things could be a lot lot worse and I just need to suck it up and get on with my day. I really can't wait to get home though!! :( I'm sure many of you have had these days. Have you come to any conclusions as to why all these bad annoying little things seem to all happen in the same few hours? Why!!!?

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Laura xo

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