17 June 2011

Daddy's Day Dilemma


Right so as you might know from some of the tag posts I have done, most recently being the A-Z Of Me one, I do not have any brothers. I have 4 sisters so I find it quite hard to shop for the male species. I'm sick of buying Dad aftershave or practical things such as socks and handkerchiefs (which I find kind of weird! Does your father use a handkerchief!!?) On top of that I also buy a gift for James - he is a daddy after all, however I don't struggle with him as much, as I know him so well! Is that terrible, I know my boyfriend of 7 years more than I know my father of almost 24!! Eeek! :( 

Random night out! Quite a random photo!
You see, the only thing he is passionate about is GAA, mostly hurling. Ah..... HELLO!! How am I going to get around that one. Can't exactly buy him a ticket to a hurling match as their mostly free. And even if there is a fee to get in, he gets in for free (most of the time) as he is a trainer and a referee! He does also like soccer - his team being Arsenal. Not sure that I could afford to get him a ticket and flights for a match though, but in saying that, I have no clue how much that would be!! 

Family meal for my 21st
So therefore, lies the reason I write this post...... HELP! All of our parents are getting older and without sound too drole, I know he won't be around forever so I want to treat him as much as I can. The older I get, the more appreciative I feel for having him here now in my life. A lot of people take for granted even having a father - it's not something we think about, it's a presumption that it's the norm. I don't want to have regrets of not treating him so for some reason this year I want to put more thought into my gift. Perhaps not even a physical gift; a trip somewhere, a meal, I'm not sure. Any ideas?

I'll also get him a little something from Cathal too - bit of a tradition!
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