16 June 2011

Dorothy Perkins, Rimmel & Closer Magazine Offer

(Before you read on  and get excited, if you're Irish..... don't. I have just noticed that in small small print the offer is only open to the UK......

Extreamly frustrated with this as there are plenty of Dorothy Perkins nationwide in Ireland. Also I found this small print

Which in fairness I suppose is understandable. But while I was at the checkout I was wondering why I wasn't getting my full 20% off :(

And lastly, as I state in the post below, when I enquired with the company about accepting Irish Maestro, I was told "we accept Maestro" and when I questioned it further I was told "we're not away of any reason why Irish maestro wouldn't work!"......(exclamation mark included). Basically I discovered....... they don't

Grrrr......a bit angry and disappointed. I don't want to sound too harsh, as who ever I was speaking to was polite, helpful and most importantly.... replied!! But anyway, I'll leave the post up in case of you Uk-ers would like to avail!!


Hey ladies!

Quick post just to let you know that DOROTHY PERKINS are having a cool deal at the moment. I came across this from their FACEBOOK PAGE:

That's right, they're having 20% off; and by the way I was pleased to see that it's not just online. They have even given an option to click a button on their WEBSITE to download and print off a voucher if you prefer not to shop online. I have rarely seen this so well done Dorothy Perkins!

Also just to let you know that shipping for us Irish ladies starts from €4.58/£4 which isn't so bad and they accept Paypal and when I queried, was told that they accept Maestro. Not sure about that though as I know most UK Online stores don't accept the Irish version :(

So yes, 20% off and you get a free RIMMEL Nail Varnish and a copy of CLOSER Magazine!! Isn't that just lovely! I love their range of jewellery so feel free to check that out and let me know what you think and if you avail of this unique offer! :)


Laura xo


adoreabubbles said...

Thats really good to know, thanks for sharing :D

DalaLuz said...

That is so frustrating!!! Poor you :-(

adoreabubbles said...

Aw that sucks big hairy balls!! LOL aw well!

FitznBitz said...

@adoreabubblesI know.... what a pain in the arse like!

FitznBitz said...

@DalaLuzQuite frustrating indeed! Especially after sharing it with everyone!

Vintage Makeup said...

Wow sorry about that!! Cute blog dear!!

FitznBitz said...

@Vintage Makeupya I was disappointed with it. Thank you!!