30 June 2011

Inglot Lipstick 144 and Sleeks Cream 97


Ok so I wrote my "Swaul" post recently sharing with you some goodies I received from a swap I done with all-made-up-21. I received an Inglot lipstick and lipgloss. I'm using BIG pics so I hope you like!! I'll start off with the lipstick in number 144.
Inglot Lipstick number 144
Inglot lipstick number 144
Inglot lipstick number 144
Inglot Lipstick number 144
My first reaction was.......that is PINK. To be honest wasn't overly impressed looking at it all! But when I tried it on that changed. It seems to transform to a more subtle paler version of what you see in the tube. It reminded me of MAC Viva Glam Gaga but more wearable because it's lighter. I took some comparison pics which I'll include at the end. I have some other Inglot lipsticks which I can do a post on if people are interested. This lipstick in particular is a "cream" formulation. They also do matte and pearl but they do no specify what it is on the the itself - which is quite annoying!

Next up is a lipgloss, or to give it its correct name "Inglot Sleeks Cream" in number 97. Here are some picks of the gloss and me wearing it on it's own with no lipstick.

Inglot Sleeks Cream Lipgloss number 97
Inglot Sleeks Cream Lipgloss number 97
Inglot Sleeks Cream Lipgloss number 97
Inglot Sleeks Cream Lipgloss number 97
 This matched the lipstick perfectly!! The packaging is unique in that it seems to be fashioned in a test tube style. It has a gorgeous vanilla smell which goes very well with it in my opinion as the formulation looks creamy and creamy goes with vanilla - in a way!! The only complaint I'd have about this is that when applied on it's own it does sink into the creases of the lips (you can see in the lips close up). But over the lipstick it's lovely. Not majorly long lasting though.

Here's some pics of the lipstick and lipgloss together:

And here are some comparison pics of the Inglot lipstick in number 144 and MACs Viva Glam Gaga:

MAC Viva Glam Gaga and Inglot Lipstick number 144 
TOP: MAC Viva Glam GagaBOTTOM: Inglot lipstick number 144
MAC Viva Glam Gaga
Inglot lipstick number 144
Overall I'm really happy especially with the lipstick. The lipgloss is nothing to rave about though to be honest. I really do like the smell but as I said before it does sink into the creases of the lips, is not long lasting and also to add it's not majroly glossy either! But it goes so perfectly with this lipstick I can't bare not to recommend it to match!!


(If you are a Meteor customer you are entitled to 20% off! Log into your "Goodie Bag" HERE and go to the "Health and Beauty" section to print off your voucher or download the barcode to your smart phone or to receive it by text)

Inglot lipsticks are priced at €12-€14
Lipglosses are about €10 as far as I know

Inglot also offer make-up application which costs 25euro and is redeemable on products on the day.

If you want to ring the store to place your order for products to be posted out to you, you can call the Liffey Valley Store on 01-626 9290 or the Dundrum store on 01-1727977

Laura xo

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