22 June 2011

Perfume Bargain

Morning All!

So I just wanted to share this little bargain I picked up recently and here it is:

Now this is a Christian Audigier fragrance but the name of it is kind of confusing. Many of you might recognise this perfume as being Ed Hardy - this is neither the creator or name of the perfume. He's actually a tattoo artist by trade. Many clothing companies and brands have be formed based on his Japanese themed rock and roll style drawings and this was how Christian Audiger came into contact with him - by producing a clothing/perfume line based on his artwork. So I guess the line of perfumes are Ed Hardy - but as for the actual name of this perfume.... I'm still a bit puzzled!! The conclusion that I have have come to (by googling the crap out of it) is that it is called Ed Hardy for Women. Here's some close ups of what's in this gift set:

100ml of the Eau de Parfum
90ml each of Shimmering Body Lotion and Bath & Shower Gel
A little mini handbag sized Eau de Parfum - 7.5ml
 I got my set in The Pefume Shop. I don't think they have an Irish website but here's the logo. You'll probably more than likey recognise it as they have stores nationwide. 
As far as I can see 100mls of the perfume itself normally retails for between €55-€60/£50-£55. I have even seen it in Debenhams for over €60. I got this whole gift set for €35!! There was also a smaller set - perhaps it was 30mls for €18. 
I was delighted with this purchase. I have to say though, that the perfume is not majorly long lasting but I do love the smell of it and am crazy for this type of packaging. What do you think!?

Laura xo

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