20 July 2011

40% Off Yankee Candles

Hi All.
 So I’m back from my 2 weeks  Hols. Perhaps you didn’t know I was gone? Well I was!! Snap back to reality now but I came across quite a dreamy offer!!! It’s for Yankee Candles. One of the online Irish sites are having a 40% sale on a lot of their fragrances!! Here’s some of the offers!

Large Jar
(Glass jar with air tight lid which locks the fragrance in when not in use. Burn time - 110-150 hours)

Yankee.ie Sale Price : €15.00

Retail Price : €26.50

Medium Jars

Yankee.ie Sale Price : €12.00

Retail Price : €21.50

Small Jar

Yankee.ie Sale Price : €6.50

Retail Price : €11.50

Large 2 Wick Tumbler

(With 2 wicks, the tumbler will burn a little faster, but will also burn cleaner and give a stronger fragrance. Burn Time - Up to 85 hours)

Yankee.ie Sale Price : €15.00

Yankee.ie Retail Price : €25.95

Medium 2 Wick Tumbler

Yankee.ie Sale Price : €12.00

Retail Price : €19.95

In case you are wondering - here are the 3 different sizes of jars in comparison to each other! I always wondered this myself when I wasn't familiar with the brand!

Click HERE to have a look at the online store where this offer is available!

Speak soon

Laura xo

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