04 July 2011

Simple OOTD & NOTD


Quick post today to show you what I'm wearing. Kind of boring but it'c comfy and I quite like it!

Hightop Runners from Penneys - €9

Jeggings - local shop!
T-Shirt - local shop! (sorry-haha!)
Pearl Earrings from Penneys - around €3 I think
Watch from Next & bracelet as part of a set from Dorethy Perkins
Left rings from Argos & right ring from ebay. Vid & blog post coming soon
On my nails (fake ones btw!) i'm wearing Revlon 093 Tropical Temptation
I had my hair in plaits so it's wavy and then pinned back two small side plaits.

Laura xo
Speak soon!


Lauren said...

I like those high tops :) and your hair!

adoreabubbles said...

Your nail are perfect!!

Deirdre said...

Loving the plaits Laura :) Hope all good with you :) Just getting around to using ur soap n glory bodywash now, thanks again! Deirdre

Anonymous said...

id stick to posting about makeup not your horribe clothes and hair

ABarryMakeup said...

This is a lovely OOTD & NOTD & HOTD! Do not mind them eejits!

Aoife said...

Dear Anonymous,

You should reveal yourself instead of making snide remarks behind a computer screen. Just because you're jealous and too afraid to make a comment without hiding your name, doesn't give you the right to judge anybody, including the gorgeous Laura who actually has the balls to put herself out there for the world to see.

Fucking idiot.

Love you Laura! :) x

Lorraine said...

Legs on you! So jealous! :)

Anonymous said...

hey aoife get a life only dopes waste their time posting pictures of themselves on the internet

FitznBitz said...

Right would you mind fucking off now. I would listen to you if you were in anyway giving me constructive criticism - I'm aware that not 100% of people are going to like 100% of my posts; but you're just being an fucking moron about it. If I'm a dope for writing it, then what does that make you? I'm far from a dope and btw, its quite sad that you came back to this post to see if anyone had replied. So feel free to go and "waste your time" looking at other peoples blogs/pictures. It's great that you're encouraging me to my continue with my make up posts though ;) Bye now!

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