31 August 2011

Debate or keep schtum?

Morning Ladies.

I've noticed recently just how "bitchy" girls can be - both in my personal and blogging life. Sometimes bitchiness can be mistaken for the plain and simple truth (that someone does not want to hear). If you think something is the truth and someone else thinks it's bitchy - this is more than likely because they simply do not agree with whatever you have just said, and turn on you. This is why it's so hard to confirm that someone is being an actual bitch!!

Some people are very opinionated and others know what they think and keep it to themselves. Of course they're are those who have no mind of their own and just go along with whatever everyone else thinks. This drives me nuts. I wish all women were strong enough to have their own opinion instead of going along with the crowd. Sometimes people don't want to hear what others think - which is fair enough, but what really gets me is when all of this is displayed on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and indeed even Blogger sometimes.

 In general people do not like being wrong, but what annoys me is when someone asks for advice or for example, says something on twitter and someone else replies disagreeing with what they have just said, then they get pissed off and suddenly that person is a BITCH! Are we not allowed to express our own opinions? Are we not allowed to disagree with each other civilly? Just because someone disagrees with you on something does not make them a bitch or does not mean that they dislike you personally, but time after time I have seen this happening. Why can't people take feedback!!!? If you're on twitter/facebook/blogger or anything else, you should be prepared for feedback on what you say. It really annoys me that people can't handle others disagreeing with them.

Like that, a lot of people think of debating as being bitchy or fighting. This does not have to be the case at all, yet a lot of the time this is how people see it. Debating is to express or argue (not physically or nastily!!) the two opposing points of a topic. This does not have to be a negative thing, but a lot of the time it seems to turn sour when someone is proven wrong or outspoken. Just because you are proven wrong does not make the other person a bitch and in my opinion should not be taken personally. Of course if the topic is sensitive or personal this is a whole other blogpost. What i'm talking about here is general opinions being disagreed with and the way people handle it.

It hasn't happened to me personally in a while, but I have been seeing it amongst others. Are you one to express your opinion and enjoy a debate? Or are you one to just keep schtum and avoid confrontation?



Artdonatella said...

Hehe, spot on! I've seen some bitchiness on Twitter too, but never happened to me (yet)! It depends on the subject really, if it's a minor thing I'd let it go (no need to argue online, it's stupid) and if it's a more important thing, I don't believe I would keep silent, no Sir, I would keep my grounds- obviously in a civilized manner if possible, if not- again 'take a deep breath and press delete' :D!

Now tell me, what did you see? I bet you won't share :( xx

FitznBitz said...

Yes I think in the moment it's easy to get caught up in it, even if it's over a stupid thing. It was actually something in my own life outside of the cyber word that spurred me to write this. But I have definitely seen it online as well!!

Designerspray said...

Same as, Artdonatella, I've seen a whole lotta bitching on Twitter. I do hold back though as I do remind myself why I started blogging, simply because I love fashion & beauty and want to share my obsession with the rest of the world :D xo

FitznBitz said...

Sometimes it definitely is best to hold back, especially if it's easy to see that the conversation is pointless!! That's great to remind yourself that :)

lovelygirliebits said...

Excellent post! From a beauty community point of view, I have seen thinly veiled digs on Twitter and in comments on blogs and it's so unnecessary. A debate is one thing and yeah, we should be able to discuss different points of view or opinions but when it's not constructive and in a public domain, it says more about the person doing the commenting. Girls are bitchy and that's never going to change.

I've unfollowed someone on twitter and their blog solely because of how they handled a disagreement with someone on twitter, my timeline was full of negativity that was so childish so I had to make it a happy place :)

Deirdre Furlong said...

Totally agree with this Brilliant post, we all have our own minds and therefore we all have different opinions, I have seen it so many times on twitter and like Lovelygirlybits I have stopped following them. At first I thought it was to do with some of the people being young and immature but then I noticed older people getting involved and I now think it's more to do with the people being just quite negatively minded. No don't get me wrong I can be a right bitch when I want to be but I try my best to be a nice person all the time, I got so feed up reading bitchy comments from one tweeter and they were all aimed at members of her family who weren't even on twitter, Eh so don't need your negative vibes love so JOG ON. If you are discussing something on twitter with another person/blogger it should be in a calm polite way. As you said we don't like to be wrong but we don't know everything about everything so maybe these peeps should open their minds for a millisecond and look at things from the other point of view. I haven't experienced it yet but if someone was being bitchy on my blog or twitter then I would just block them, if they can't be adult about it the as i already said JOG ON

FitznBitz said...

Exactly. A lot of the time the digs are so obvious as to who they are talking about. If people were more open about having a problem it would be much better and less "bitchy"

FitznBitz said...

Good point. We all have our own minds for a reason. If we all agreed on everything or thought the same things, life would be pretty dull. It's not a bad thing. Thank you for your well thought out feedback :)

CherrySue said...

Have to say I've only rarely seen it on Twidder or Blogger though I'm a relative noob. (Juneish). I think there's no doubt that I'm straight up, say it like I see it kinda gal. I won't see people bullied without speaking up nor will I go out of my way to make derogatory comments. Just the opposite in fact. I have unfollowed for open cattiness & will continue to do so.
The world is shizz enough place without sniping at each other but that's not to say I don't snap when tested.
That usually goes.. 'You wha?!' - Zing - shrug at lack of comeback - delete & block. S'easy when you know how ;)

CherrySue said...

Oh & great post. Love the debatables ;)

FitznBitz said...

Thank you! Yes, I love when people are dumb-founded at someone standing up from themselves!! ;)

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