23 August 2011

I'm on BlogLovin & new Blog Button

Hi Ladies.

Super quick post just to let you know that I now have BlogLovin. Wasn't sure what it was at first but it's basically a way of keeping up to date with blogs you follow all in one place.

Also some blogs do not allow you to follow via the usual Blogger Google Friend Connect.

 Or other blogging platforms such as WordPress or actual website blogs for example, offer different ways of following - eg. via email. So Bloglovin allows you to follow them all and have all new updates in one place. Click on the pic below to follow me :)


If you have Bloglovin please let me know so that I can follow you! I can't seem to find everyone!!

(Ellie has just told me that I can follow all blogs with BlogLovin. I just presumed you would have to be signed up for it!! Did ye know that!!? Let me know if you have it added to your blog anyway, instead of me going through my whole blogger list!!)

SIDENOTE! I just made a blog button!!. Please let me know if you'd like to share :) You just add a HTML 'gadget' to your blog via 'layout' and insert the code below the following FitznBitz pic.


Thanks ladies 


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