17 August 2011

Sleek in Ireland? Check

Hey Ladies.

Do I have a "haul" for you. A Sleek one. If you havent heard of Sleek by now then you're in for an awakening. Here's Sleeks mission statement from their website

This alone sounds good. If someone is finding it hard to find colours to suit their skin tone or indeed style, this is going to draw them in.

Sleek is a UK brand that is also available throughout Europe (not available in the Republic of Ireland though) South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. As far as I can see their main aim it to have something for everyone no matter what skintone.

As I said, Sleek is not available in the Rep. of Ireland (yet! Hopefully this will change), but recently, us beauty/make up loving gals have discovered our saviour. Enter, Beauty Emporium. This fine Irish based online company have delighted many, by stocking quite a good range of Sleek products. All excellently priced, I highly recommend checking them out for Sleek; among many other popular brands such as MAC, Stila, The Balm, Urban Decay and many more.

Also worth pointing out, is that shipping within Ireland is just €2 per order no matter where you are based. They also now deliver to the UK for just €3 and are expanding further.

I made some orders recently to Beauty Emporium and here is what I got.

3 Eyeshadow Palettes and 3 Blushes.

As you can see they kindly add some samples when you make an order. They also include their business card which I think is a great idea and very professional. I love the colour scheme of it! I also want to point of the level of customer service. It truly is refreshing to see such brilliant and friendly communication from the company. They are regularly on twitter and interact with their customers. Stephanie helped me out massively by arranging something that was out of stock to be sent out when it arrived. HERE is their Facebook and HERE is their Twitter

And I have more. If you are a fan of Sleek then be sure to follow them on Facebook HERE Why do I say this you may ask? Well here's why. I entered a comment competition which they hold regularly and I was one of the very VERY lucky winners. Here is what I was sent!!

6 True Colour Lipsticks, A Glisten Me Highlighter, 4 Blushes and A Glo Face & Body Highlighter Palette.
 I was mega mega excited. Thanks to Alice if she happens to be reading this, who assured me that the package would get to me, as it was shipped from the UK.

You can be sure that I will be doing more up close posts of all my new babies from Sleek and Beauty Emporium!!


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