22 August 2011

Sleek True Colour Lipsticks Review & Swatches

Note: if you would like to see the below shades click HERE to see how they look on my lips :)

Hi Ladies.
So today I’m going to focus on some Sleek Lipsticks. Sleek seems to be more recognised for their eyeshadows more than any of their other products – and probably rightly so. But when I saw the colours of some of these lippies and when I tried them out; let’s just say I was indeed impressed. They have two collections – ‘Sheer Cover’ and ‘True Colour’. I have 6 of the ‘True Colour’ ones. 

These are described as

A superb highly-pigmented lipstick enriched with Vitamin E which leaves amazingly rich shades on the lips with only a single coat."

I would agree with that. I really like the packaging of these lipsticks. First impressions were, "ok, these are really small but I love the feel of the tube!". The "feeling" I'm refering to is like a solid velvety feel (same as NARS) They do indeed look small. Here a comparison:

L-R: Rimmel Moisture Shine, MAC, Barry M, Sleek True Colour.

So yes, it is small BUT it has the same amount of product in it than most other standard lipsticks. So that makes this a good thing in my eyes. In fact, I took the pic below to make some more comparisons.

L-R: Rimmel Moisture Shine, MAC, Barry M, Sleek True Colour

There are 20 colours available and as far as I know they come in two formulations ‘Sheen’ and ‘Matte’. It 
does not say that on the Sleek website however which is a bit strange. Here are the 6 that I own:

Coral Reef - Sheen
O.M.G - Sheen
Barely There - Sheen

Baby Doll - Sheen

Vixen - Sheen

Pink Freeze - Matte

I am REALLY impressed with all of these. The "Sheen" ones are just nicely glossy and quite moisturising on the lips. The 'Matte' is a typical matte, but not too hard to blend which I find with some other matte lipsticks. Staying power of both is brill.

All of these lipsticks are available from the SLEEK WEBSITE (although shipping to Ireland is €9 - Yikes!) Some Superdrug Stores will have them and a few shades are available online at BEAUTY EMPORIUM for €7. Have your tried any Sleek Lipsticks? Any colour recommendations?

Note: if you would like to see the below shades click HERE to see how they look on my lips :) 

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