14 August 2011

You Tube vs Blogger - Decision Made

A lot has been happening with me recently and I have been reflecting a lot on my life and the way I want it to be. I’m not going to focus on my personal life in this post, but of course my bloggings and videos have come in to it; so I will share those with you.
My first instinct (regarding my blogging/vloggings) was to share with my followers and friends on Twitter.

Sometimes things happen in life that make you stop and think. Blogging/Vlogging is not my first priority in life, as I am sure it is not for most. I don’t want to go too deep into emotions and thoughts right now, but I felt like venting somewhere, so where better else to do so, than here on my blog. I think that is the main point of a blog – to express feelings, thoughts, opinions, share tips and a whole lot more.

As I said in my tweet, upon reflection I have been half arsing with both this blog and my You Tube channel and I’m not happy about that. I would much prefer to be completely passionate and focused on one thing rather than settling on being content with both. It may sound as though I am being a perfectionist and picky, but why not? It’s my life. I like to push myself and feel a sense of accomplishment – but by not completely focusing on one thing, it is making me feel incomplete. It’s not giving me the satisfaction that I want. So I have indeed decided to focus on one and leave one behind.

I have been thinking about this for a while now and it was hard to decide on which to focus fully on, as I do enjoy both. Ultimately I feel I want to continue here; with my blog. To be completly honest, I feel that You Tube can be more of a place to learn and teach - for example, make up tutorials from professionals such as Pixiwoo, Gossmakeupartist and Lisaeldridge, in comparison to blogs, where it can be more about opinions and random personal rants. I want to continue to be more focused on reviews of various products. I understand that that can be switched around also, but that is just what I think. You can do the same on both platforms obviously but I just don't feel I have enough experience to teach. I enjoy You Tube to learn. Although You Tube may be the more entertaining and visually stimulating of the two for most, I feel I can express myself more through writing. Maybe I was a journalist in a previous life! It’s just my gut instinct, and I tend to follow those. I might miss doing videos, but on the other hand, anything I show in a video I can take a photo of and speak about it here on my blog. The more I type right now, the more I feel I am making the right decision.

To those who do not blog or vlog, this may sound completely ridiculous and over the top to even be talking about this “big decision”, but to those who do, I’m sure you can understand my predicament.
I was recently “found out” with regards my You Tube Channel. In complete panic, I privatised all my videos. When I was done scrambling, that alone made me think; if I am that panicked about someone seeing my videos then it must not be the right thing for me. After a few hours I copped on and deprivatised my vids because I know I had nothing to be embarrassed about. At the end of the day, I’m just a girl sitting down in front of a camera talking about things I enjoy. I wasn’t mocked by the person who discovered me – quite the opposite, which made me happy, but as I said, I got the feeling that it’s just not completely me.

 I just want to point out though, that this is absolutely not the reason I am going to choose my blog over my channel. I had a good think to myself and I also had a chat with some of my twitter gals about it and that really slapped some sense into me. I was even considering sharing my You Tube channel on my Facebook. I felt I would much prefer everyone to know about it, rather than wondering about who does and who doesn’t. I’m glad I didn’t now though, as it would have been pointless. Everything happens for a reason eh? I’m a strong believer in that by the way!

So there you go. Decision made. I’ll probably make one last video to my subbies on my channel. It would be completely rude not to, and I defiantly owe those who are subscribed to me a thank you and goodbye. Hopefully it won’t be goodbye though – more of a “see you somewhere else!!” I hope that if someone liked my videos enough that they might check out my blog from time to time instead.

Thank you for reading, and speak soon!

Laura xo

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