21 September 2011

INGLOT opening in Blanchardstown

Hello again Ladies.

You may have heard the news I blogged about HERE and Tweeted about HERE. If you haven't, just click the links. I have further news to add about INGLOT.

They are opening in  Blanchardstown, Dublin on Saturday 8th October at 11am!! To celebrate, they will be giving away goodie bags to the first 50 customers in store! Little Kiva (You Tube HERE) will be there on the day and will be giving "make up masterclasses" .

Here are some of their social media sites WEBSITE TWITTER FACEBOOK & FACEBOOK

Yay, Inglot for all!! Well not quite "all" but they're slowly but surely expanding!! Who's excited!!?



CherrySue said...

Exirah & Delirah! My office is within spitting distance of the Blanch centre so a site visit will have to be orchestrated at approximately 10.50 am on the 8th :D

FitznBitz said...

Ahahaha! Good woman yourself! Wonder what will be in the goodie bags! Report back!!

Lisa Odonovan said...

Hi, just wondering how to apply for a job in inglot in blanch or if you can?

FitznBitz said...

All the current positions in the Dublin stores are already filled. I'm sure you could hand in your CV for them to have a look at though if something comes up or they end up needing more staff. Or email it to them careers@inglotireland.com :)

Lisa Odonovan said...

okay thanks :)

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