10 September 2011

Sleek GLO Face and Body Highlighter in Peach Shimmer

Hi Ladies.

Today's is post is going to be about Sleeks GLO Face and Body Highlighter. It contains 9g of product. It comes in 3 shades: Peach Shimmer, Bronze Baby and Gold Digga. I chose Peach shimmer as it seemed the lightest. I won this in a giveaway but it's available from the usual Sleek stockists such as Superdrug, Beauty Emporium and the Sleek Website for €10. Here is Sleeks description of the product.

"5 complimentary glowing strips of powder available in 3 shade variants which can be applied to the face and body to give the skin a shimmering, naturally glowing and sunkissed look."

Here it is my one.

It was quite hard to photograph the product on my skin so apologies for that.

I'll be honest and say I'm not overly impressed with this. I used it first as a face highlighter. No way, did not like it. I found that it looked cakey. I know it may seem strange to describe a powdered product as being cakey but it really did. It's like it just sat heavily on my cheeks. Now on the other hand as a body shimmer it is a bit better. It seems to work better spread out on a larger area such as the chest or legs. On the face I just felt it kind of clumped and was too much. For me it is a bit too glittery - although it's not exactly particles of glitter in it, perhaps sparkly is a better word to describe it.

Overall it's not my kind of product and I won't be repurchasing. I much prefer Sleeks Liquid Highlighter which I will be reviewing soon. Have any of you tried the GLO?



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