14 September 2011

Sleek Pout Paints Review

Morning Ladies.

So I'm sure a lot of you have already heard about the Sleek Pout Paints. In case you haven't, here is a quick explanation. They basically have a similar consistency to a lip-gloss but they dry to more of a finish of a lipstick. The one major thing about these is the amazing pigmentation. The tiniest drop really will saturate your lips with colour. You can apply with your finger tip but they may slightly stain your finger so I recommend using a lip brush as more product gets to your lips and you can be more precise.
They have a fruity scent - a kind of mix between orange/pineapple? There are 11 colours available and here they are:

Top Row L-R:     Cloud 9, Minx, Milkshake, Peachy Keen, Lava, Pin Up,
Bottom Row L-R:     Peek-A-Bloo, Mauve Over, Rosette, Pinkini, Port

These 11 shades aren't just stand alone shades. They can all be mixed with which ever other colour you want, to come up with your very own unique colour.

Cloud 9 (white) can be used to lighten or make a colour less intense and "Peek-A-Bloo" (blue) can be mixed in intensify a colour.

I have 3 colours which I bought from Beauty Emporium and Cloud10Beauty and are €5.70 from each. Here are the colours I chose (btw, I'm looking a bit washed out in the photos as I have very little/no make up on! Hope it doesn't put you off, but I wanted to give an idea of what they look like including my face as well as an up close of my lips!)

Minx - Mauve Over - Milkshake

Mauve Over
Mauve Over
Mauve Over


The tube itself is quite small, much smaller than your average ligloss. Although don't let this put you off in case you think you are only getting a tiny amount of product (8g by the way!) As I said, the tiniest amount goes a long way. Here are some comparisons to other lipglosses and a 1c coin so you have an idea.

The tubes have a nozzle type tip so again, this is why I think it's best to use a lip brush so that product is not wasted. Also this is quite hygienic, so you can use on others if desired.

The staying power of the Pout Paints is indeed quite good. I have heard people saying that they stay on all day and even through eating and drink.......Am, no! They don't, unless you're being very wary. When I eat...... I EAT!! I don't mind re-applying to my lips afterwards so this is not an issue for me! Of course if you blot your lips on some tissue after application this, I find, does help with longevity. Even after blotting, I did not find the product to dry my lips over time which is good. 

 I don't think it particularly "stains" the lips either as I have heard others saying. When it's off, it's off. It stains your fingertips more than your lips if you ask me!! (as in it's harder to get off your skin than your lips) I would like to point out though, these are the only 3 colours I have tried out, so perhaps other colours stain a bit more.

Over all I am indeed impressed with these. I love the idea that we can all come up with our very own shades and it will bring out a bit of an artist in all of us (kinda!!)

What colours have you tried? Let me know below as I am thinking of buying a few more colours and would love to see your pics :)


PS: Notice anything a little different about my blog??? Let me know below in the comments if you do!!? ;)

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