24 September 2011

Tangle Teezer Review

Morning all.

So I'm going to review the Tangle Teezer. If you'd like the know the scienc-ey bit for the unusual looking hairbrush click HERE to visit the website. 

Here are the claims

"Tangle Teezer is excellent for detangling both wet and dry hair.
 Tangle Teezer gives a blissful, relaxing head massage even for the most sensitive scalps.
Excellent results are achieved on even the tightest curls and afro hair
Daily brushing refreshes hair for a sleek style and helps to smooth the cuticle for increased shine.
Tangle Teezer minimises hair breakage, so over a period of time you will notice your hair feels thicker and looks healthier"

I don't believe it gives you a nice head massage! If anything the bristles are a tad scrapey on the scalp.
Increased shine!? Nope! Maybe the claim is more of a general one ie. that brushing in general helps with shine, but the Tangle Teezer itself does not miraculously add shine! I would agree that it minimises hair breakage though - especially at the ends of your hair.

I bought the pink Tangle Teezer from Cloud10Beauty for €11.50.

  It comes in several other colours and also in other sizes and forms.


I have some things I like and some things I don't.

It's all a bit exaggerated on the website and in the video if you ask me. At the end of the day, it is just a funny looking brush and it's not going to make an absolutely outstanding difference to your hair! But what I do really like about it, is when I use it on wet hair. Now I know you're not supposed to brush wet hair, but this is a beauty rule I break! With a normal brush I was noticing a lot of my hair falling out when brushing and my hair (which is reasonably long) would be quite knotty at the ends. The Tangle Teezer is ideal for this, the best I have found. It combs through the knots much easier than a regular brush and I have definitely noticed less hair shed. 

As for using it on dry hair; I'm not fussed at all. I don't think it makes it much easier than any other brush. To be honest I rarely brush my hair when it's dry anyway, I usually just finger comb it in the mornings so this is why I am so pleased to have found a great hairbrush for wet hair! 

Also, when using it on wet hair, if I apply product (heat protectant, creams etc) I love to brush it through to spread it out throughout my hair.

Overall I am really happy to have found a brush that is great for using on wet hair (even though it's bold!) But if I'm doing it, I might as well do it as gently as possible, so Tangle Teezer - thumbs up for that! Otherwise as a "normal" hair brush on dry hait......meh!


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