22 October 2011

MAC NW15 V NW20 Colour Comparison

Dia daoibh.

So last year I was colour matched in MAC as NW20. Grand job, bought my first bottle of Studio Fix Fluid - which I love. Since then my skin has lightened due to the fabulous weather we have been having here in Ireland lately (not). NW20 isn't very dark on me but I do notice a bit of a difference between my face and body which annoyed me. I felt I wanted it a tad lighter but felt NW15 would be to pale. So when I heard about MAC selling NW18 I thought PERFECT!! Just what I needed.

I called into MAC a few weeks ago and enquired about it. She looked at me and said lets compare the three. We did so and she recommended me to go for NW15 and that I could use bronzer if I felt I wanted more colour. She mentioned something about NW18 have a slightly different undertone??? Wha!? I dono, so I just bout the NW15.

When I got home, obviously my first instinct was to compare my new NW15 to my NW20. I couldn't get over it. They were more a less the same!! I was expecting NW15 to be much lighter as it's the lightest shade they do, but no. Have a look. NW15 is on the left of ALL photos.

Photographic Flash - Left: NW15 Right NW20

 Natural Daylight - Left: NW15   Right NW20

 Left: NW15   Right NW20
Natural Light                                                           With flash

I decided to put it on a white background to thoroughly compare. To me the NW15 looks DARKER!!
 Left: NW15   Right NW20 on both pics.

What is going on here!!? Could it be that my NW20 has faded over the 6-7 months I have it or is my NW15 just dark!? Has anyone else had the same problem??



Yvonne Madden said...

I haven't used their liquid foundations but they do look very similar!!I mean your face color couldn't have changed all THAT much?!I'm not kidding but they look ALMOST 100% the same!!!!And that's the lightest is it?!What the hell?!

Lauren - Gotta Love A Trier said...

That is friggin WEIRD!! I have used NW20 in the past but could only really pull it off if I was wearing fake tan, on my normal skin tone it was too dark. I bought NC15 in May and it is fine, matches my normal skin tone much better... I don't know what the difference is between NC and NW though?!

FitznBitz said...

Ya that's the lightest. Such a shame They're are plenty of girls paler than me!

FitznBitz said...

Isn't it! When it comes to MAC, NC would be for someone with more yellow undertones (Cool) and NW is for someone with more pink undertones (Warm).

Makeup Hair and Glitz said...

I use nw15 as my normal everyday foundation and Nw20 as my fake tan foundation. I have noticed that the last few bottles iv picked up of nw15 are a lot darker than they used to be so much so im enclined not the wear it as much !! Even tho my nw15 is darker its still not as dark as the nw20, if i was you i would go back to the girl and show her the comparisons it could be a dud bottle  x x

FitznBitz said...

I'd say now If I went back to MAC they wouldn't take much notice!! So you've noticed it being darker too then!? I was putting it down to my NW20 fading but perhaps not. Such a shame :(

Marian McCarthy said...

oh god there is nothing worse!! I use the nw20 but i find that its too dark on me too... and after spending the money I'd be raging!!! :(

FitznBitz said...

I'm still using it though. NW20 isn't terrible I was just being very picky. Still though - annoying!!