11 November 2011

11:11 11/11/11

Dia daoibh!

So I wanted to do something for the above title ( I don't wana keep saying those feckin numbers!! It's annoying enough as it is hearing it about a million times on the radio this morning!!) This is about as creative as I could be as I am in work at the mo!! But this will never happen again. The nearest thing that will come will be 22:22 on the 2/22 of February in 2022; but that's not half as class as today!! 

Did anyone else get the urge to "do something at 11:11am this morning? Or just for today being 11/11/11. Might have an aul vino tonight!! Any excuse!!



Miss Green Eyes said...

I thought of it this morning and then forgot about it again, it was after 12pm when I remembered :) I think 11/11/11 is definitely an excuse for a vino - and with little Michael becoming official today (I keep thinking of the word ordained instead of inaugurated), sure make it a bottle! ;-) x

Katieelisabeth21 said...

don't forget about the 12/12/12 at 12:12 ;) xx

FitznBitz said...

ah yes but today was extra special in that there was just one number!! I'll celebrate that too though!!

FitznBitz said...

Haha I keep thinking ordained as well!!! Maybe 1+1 bottles!!!