04 November 2011

My Week With Marilyn

Dia Daoibh!

I have just found out that there will be a film coming out this month (at the moment it's set for the 25th November 2011) about the infamous Marilyn Monroe. I myself find her and her life story fascinating and am thoroughly looking forward to seeing the film.

File:My Week with Marilyn Poster.jpg

From what I have read, the film will not be focused on Ms. Monroe's life in general, but a specific time-frame to include a man named Colin Clark; an assistant on the film 'The Prince and the Showgirl' that she starred in alongside Laurence Olivier. At the time Marilyn was also on honeymoon with her new husband Arthur Miller. Colin Clark kept a diary of this time and 40 years later this diary was published - but one week was missing and was published years later as 'My Week with Marilyn'....the film that we will watch! Sounds veeeery interesting!
Ms. Monroe (it feels wrong to just say"Marilyn" so casually to me for some reason!!) is played by Michelle Williams - even though it was looking like it was going to be Scarlett Johansson. Some other names in the film you might recognise are Emma Watson (this is her first film role since Harry Potter) and Judi Dench (James Bond/Shakespeare in Love)

Here's the trailer:

The official website for the film is HERE if you'd like to have a gander! Would this be of interest to many of you!?



Julie Kirwan said...

As a MAHOOSIVE Marilyn fan, this film slightly pisses me off. I will watch it out of curiosity but I hate the fact that its a film about a someone who CLAIMS to have had an affair with her - no proof. My sister sent me the link a while ago as she lies in Canada and its released earlier there and I just think its another way to make money off an unreliable story. BLEH. And I hate Michelle Williams. It just annoys me that her affairs get more publicity than her work - that she's kind of made a mockery of. Anyway..yeah. Rant over! x

fluffandfripperies said...

I'll watch it too as I'm also a massive fan of Ms Monroe but I'm not sure about the casting of Michelle Williams...I'm open to being convinced, though!

FitznBitz said...

Ditto Julie. There are so many people out there presently and in the past that used her name to make a quick buck. Looking forward to seeing it all the same though! I guess it's up to everyone individually to make up their own mind as to what to believe. Imagine if HER diary was found...... now THERE'S a film!!

FitznBitz said...

Ya I'm not a fan on Michelle Williams either. Hopefully she'll impress!

Miss Green Eyes said...

Have always been fascinated with Marilyn Monroe too, but I don't know if the premise of this movie appeals to me - I think I'll still go and see it, but I almost prefer the documentaries about her life! Interesting to see how Michelle plays her, not usually a fan of hers, but will see it with an open mind :)

FitznBitz said...

I think most Marilyn Monroe fans will probably go and see it but not (want to) believe it!! Interested to see how Michelle will play her!

cornflakegirl said...

I love Marilyn Monroe and Michelle Williams so I'll definitely be checking this out.

FitznBitz said...

good stuff!! :)

Aarushi Sharma said...

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