07 December 2011

Are You Sparkalaphobic!?

Dia daoibh!

So, gradually I am being slightly enticed by glitter. Most people that know me, know that I'm not a "glittery" kinda gal. It's a bit tack-mac-tack a lot of the time, but this year a lot of nice glitter nail polishes have hit the shelves. 
Lorraine over at 'John Its Only Make-Up!' recently blogged about her blue glittery nails thanks to Essence; a brand I really like for nail varnish. Now this was FULL ON BLUE GLITTER and I really liked it. I went on my own little trip and bought a bottle for myself but in a different colour. Now I still would't be a glitter fanatic, but I'm getting into it....gradually. Here's how!

Step 1: base colour.

Step 2: SOME glitter. Just one coat! I usually just do my thumb and engagement ring finger on each hand, but last night.... I went further and did every second fingernail!! BOO YA!! (even though that only makes it one nail more; but shhhh!)

Are you sparkalaphobic!? (I googled!)



Ellie said...

Its so pretty!!! Our nails kind of match today :') xx

FitznBitz said...

Really!? We're on the same wavelength then! :)

Lisa AOK said...

omg lurve glitter!hav some fab mac glitter dusts for eyes....great for a bit o sparkle for xmas!:-)if i was using glitter on nails id prob only do top edge(the part where white wud be for french polish)or id do top corner of each nail.
Laura I wud hav thought u were a bit of a glitter bug..obv not..glad you`re converting to the blinging side:-D welcome!

Miss Green Eyes said...

Those colours are gorgeous together. I do like a bit of glitter in winter, but I'm not gone on it otherwise - have a few glitter polishes but I get sick of them really quickly. Love the idea of only using it on every second nail, looks fab x

Stephanie Mone said...

I got a gold glitter 1 recently from elf just reminded me bout it i must try it out! :) looks lovely!

FitznBitz said...

Me too!!! Just got 'Golden Goddess' delivered to me yesterday!! Weird!!

FitznBitz said...

Same as myself so!! Ya I think these colours complement each-other well :)

Mia said...

Hello Lovely,
Feel Free to check out and enter my Christmas blog giveaway at: http://naturezfinest.blogspot.com/2011/12/giveaway_06.htmlHave a lovely Christmas and ever sparkling New Year. Love your blog btw =)-Mia xoxohttp://naturezfinest.blogspot.com/

Leslie said...

UNREAL! Essence have another glittery one its called 'make it golden' it's one of the best glitter polishes I've seen in a long time....current obsession!

FitznBitz said...

Ooohhh! Shall investigate!! :)

Chantelle thomas said...

I can't believe you don't like glitter! I love glitter polishes. Even though its so hard to take off :( But red glitter from penneys (think the brand is angelica) is so nice especially for Christmas :) x

FitznBitz said...

Glitter is ok in moderation I think. A lot of the time it's overdone. Def getting into glitter nail varnish now though!! Think it's the Christmas festive spirit!! Oh ya I've seen them, haven't yet tried though! :)

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