23 December 2011

Dublin Blogger & Vlogger Meet Up!

Dia daoibh.

Saturday 17th December was the day. I was heading for Dublin to meet the girls. "The girls" being some other bloggers and vloggers. We had been arranging it for a while and I was so excited to go. On the day, not everyone was able to attend though, sickness and life in general had caught up with a lot of people! The previous day though, I myself felt crap. I was getting sick, I could feel it. As I posted on my FACEBOOK I dosed up on Uniflu, antihistamines, washed and sanitized my hands constantly, bought good tissues (yano, the proper more expensive brand with the balm on it!!) put the heating on, hopped in bed, watched tele and felt sorry for myself until I woke up the next morning, thank god feeling ok-ish!

Basically HERE'S what I decided to wear, but black jeggings, along with two pairs of socks, thick scarf and warm coat!

I travelled by train. Unfortunately I was alone as the other Cork girls Sinead and Treena were sick and couldn't make it and something also came up for Jen. It was ok though, at least I had met them before! I arrived in Heuston, a bit scared as usual, as I'm not used to Dublin. I wandered around for a little while and then met some of the other Cork girls. Sarah, Leslie and Milli off the bus. We then headed for  Salamanca Tapas Bar and Restaurant on Dame Street to meet up with everyone else. Here's what I got

Chilli beef strips with egg noodles and spinach            and raspberry cheese cake.

The food was delish! I got this along with tea/coffee for €10. Our waiter was a bit strange though. There were a few simple requests from some of the girls, for usual dishes without tomatoes/mushrooms/spinach and they were all given sarcastic puzzled looks and grunts. Or for instance Leanne, asked for a dish but to leave out the meat (because she's vegetarian) and she was abruptly told that "there will be no flavour" along with an extremely confused and persistent face. Leanne was just like "well I'm vegetarian so....." and his response was a careless shrug and a "whatever you think". We all looked at eachother puzzled. What was his deal!? Surely if someone doesn't like something they can asked for it to be left out without being scolded. This put a bit of a dampner on our visit to Salamanca, but whatevs.... we had more business to attend to! Here are some pics of us at the restaurant.

After lunch we hit Dublin City. We headed to Jervis to visit INGLOT  (one of my favs!) where we met Jane (who I had met before) who gifted all of us with a variety of goods! I got a nail varnish, nail file and also a complementary makeover voucher, a long with a lipstick I purchased myself.

We were all delighted and so happy to accept the gifts and it brightened up our day. We walked around the centre and city wandering in and out of shops. I wanted to try out MAC Face & Body Foundation which can only be bought in Dublin, so I made it my business to head for Brown Thomas! I seeked help in Aoife as to how to get there (I was clueless) and we all ended up going together. I also bought the highly rated Mineralize Skin Finish Natural.

The city was mega jammed, especially Grafton Street. We wanted to sit and talk and actually spend time together so Julie suggested cocktails! Hell to the Ya!! Off we went to Dandelion, a beautiful Bar and Bistro with a club downstairs. We got us some drinkies!! It was great to sit down and have some chats and laughs with others with the same interestes and understandings of blogging. Gradually the group got smaller as everyone had to catch transport home. Nina, Paula, Sarah and I headed for Butlers to get a coffee. I actually got an Iced Frappe (and it freezing outside!!) I felt like a weirdo drinking a frozen drink until I was outdone by Sarah who bought an ice cream!!!

Here's everyone who came along (alphabetically with pics-took about a year and a half to do this!)

Aoife's BLOG and YOU TUBE     Caoimhe's YOU TUBE    Ellie's BLOG and YOU TUBE

                          Holly's BLOG     Julie's BLOG and YOU TUBE    Leanne's BLOG and YOU TUBE

Leslie's BLOG and YOU TUBE     Millie's BLOG and YOU TUBE     Nina's BLOG and YOU TUBE

                Paula's BLOG                   Sarah's BLOG           Sarah May's BLOG and YOU TUBE

Vicki's YOU TUBE

I really had a great day and it definitely will be done again. 


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