14 December 2011

My Fat Stick!

Dia daoibh.

Today's post is going to be about my TIGI Pro Fat Curl Stick (otherwise know as a curling wand!).

 I bought this from Cloud10Beauty after I was ever-so lucky to win a €50 voucher from Beaut.ie a while ago. Instead of buying a few bits and pieces, I decided I wanted one good thing. I had just ombred my hair so decided to go for a curling wand as ombred hair tends to look best when curled. 

I wanted a large barreled one so  that I could create loose curls so I went for this baby priced at €47.95 ($100/€77 from the TIGI website!!! Yoyza!) You can also get a "skinny" version for tighter curls for about €43. 

- Unique tapered ceramic coated barrel
- 25 adjustable heat settings up to 195°C
- On/Off indication light
- Swivel base to avoid cable tangling
- Light-weight for perfect control
- Extraordinary Sharpness
- Produced in the finest high-quality, non-corrosive stainless material.

New to their website is THIS set which is the same wand  but included you get a serum with essential oils combined with thermal and environmental protectants which gives hold and control for defined curls; all for a cheaper price of €42.95!! Bargain!

This was my first time using a curling wand without a clamp. I found it really simple to use. The one negative I would have about this particular curling wand is that it doesn't come with a heat protectant glove. I think these should be included with all of these types of wands. In saying that though, I burnt my forehead worse than my fingers. You can see a little round burn on my forehead above!! Nothing major, will just take a little getting used to!

Here are my results after giving a quick whiz through my hair!:

These as you can see are really loose curls at the ends of my hair. The beauty about this wand in particular though is that you can achieve smaller curls too by using the tip of the wand as it is smaller. The wand itself is easy to use. It came with instructions which of course I read..... *cough. As I said it has 25 heat setting so depending on how fine/thick your hair is you can alter it as needed. It has a simple red for heating and green for ready indicator.

Size comparison to my head!
Overall I'm really happy with my "Fat Stick!". Now I just need to get into the habit of using plenty of heat protectant spray and stop burning my own face/fingers!!


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