04 January 2012

My New Year's Resol....bla bla bla!

Dia daoibh!


So, it's 2012. That's different. The main topic of conversation this week is "New Year's Resolutions". I don't have any. Everyone is tweeting and blogging about how they plan to change their life for the better; not me. I just don't feel the urge to this year for some reason. 2011 wasn't a great year for me really. There were many losses of friends and people my own age within the last 4-5 months of the year which hugely shocked everyone and often had me reflecting on my own life. I was out for New Years Even this year and when the clock struck 12 I was overwhelmed with emotion and burst into tears while James gave me the midnight kiss. Instead of the future I was a bit stuck thinking about the past. I've explained before that I am a thinker and this will never change. That's what spurred me to write this slightly angered post entitled "Is your life THAT bad?" 

Instead of making a "resolution" I'm just going to take life day by day. Perhaps make do-able daily resolutions; like today I want to smile more, today I want to clear out my room, today I'm going to organise my diary; rather that making one huge, often generic "plan". I figure it will be much more possible to do more things day by day, plus I've less of a chance of "failing" (lots of inverted commas in this post eh!!?). I suppose I'm contradicting myself by saying I don't have a New Years Resolution because basically I do and it's to not have one/take life day by day!

I hope you all had a peaceful enjoyable Christmas and New Years and are looking forward to a fresh start for this year :)



Joolie18 said...

Ah love, i hope you're okay about the whole friends thing. I think a god few of us have been going through some of that! I haven't made any resolutions either - like you i'm just going to live day by day and hope for the best :) x

FitznBitz said...

Very sad times but gets people thinking i guess. Exactly, It's think its the best way :) xo

Lee said...

...and here was I thinking I was the only person who never makes resolutions!!  I have always taken your approach and just go day to day!  Although, I have decided on the whole "Project Pan" thing, I just have to try and use up alot of stuff before I buy more.  My last purchase (well I hope so!) will be The Naked Palette 2 IF I'm lucky enough to get in on Monday night.  Day by day is the best way - at least it is for me!  Like you, Laura, I feel I'm less inclined to fail this way!!

So many people have had terrible losses this year, I've heard about so many and have seen quite a few in my job sadly.  New Years is my least fav time of the year, my mother died some years ago on 4th Jan so New Years always takes me back to that time, and for alot of people it arouses memories of one kind or another.

Gosh, I'm all doom tonight aren't I??? I certainly don't mean to be!!

Anyway, thanks for another great blog post Laura!

FitznBitz said...

Its weird to say it but i think its good to think about the past and sad times. puts things into perspective for your present. Thanks for thelovely and honest comment :) xo