31 July 2012

Fitz Bitz CatchUp #1

Dia daoibh!

Hope you're all well. Just wanted to write a quick update post (Fitz Bitz). As you may have noticed, as of late my post have been..... irregular (to say the least!) Apologies for this. My laptop is dying a slow death (you can see a pic below!) and unfortunately for my pocket I will have  to purchase a new one. Fingers crossed this will be happening soon! When I do get sorted with my new equipment I'm hoping to get into a scheduled/regualar blogging routine. Perhaps a new post every 2-3 days. Once I get doing it it will be great, it's just getting started that's the hard part. Same goes for other things in my life such as saving, dieting etc. I'm sure most of you know what I mean.

I also aim to be quite regular with my You Tube Channel, hoping to upload every Thursday. Fingers crossed this all goes to plan!!

Other than that I'm going to show you some snaps of my life over the past while. Here we go!

I was very happy to be asked to write for RSVP Magazine Online. Here is a pic of my piece. HERE it is live  on their website.

Holidays in Donegal
I climbed Europe's Highest Sea Cliffs - Slieve League..... It was tough to say the least!! We visited Donegal Town, Letterkenny, Killybegs, Dungloe and many more places around Donegal. It was a fabulous break away :)
The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen - Narin, Co. Donegal.

Boat Ride from Sliabh Liag Boat Trips. We weren't lucky enough to see much wildlife like dolphins but it was a beautiful experience nonetheless.
If you follow me on Instagram, you may be aware that I LOVE snapping pics of my food! Here are some nommy treats!
 And finally here are some randomers!

Here are a few of my latest videos:

Hope everyone is doing well. Fingers crossed I get blogging and vlogging more regularly!


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