16 August 2012

Irish ASOS Shopping Secret

Dia daoibh!

Super quick post today with a handy little tip for Irish ladies shopping on ASOS. As many of you are aware the exchange rate of the £ and € leaves us Irish ladies more out of pocket. I'm sure we've all been in the situation, be it shopping online or in store, where you see the £ sign first and the product seems like a bargain..... until you realise it's the wrong currency :( "I want the £ price!!!!" I heard myself think when I saw the below set for what I thought was €19. Turn's out it's £19 or €27.01. But when converting £ to € it's directly should be about €24.30

Well let me share my little discovery with you.
Perhaps everyone is already aware of this but I just discovered it now and wanted to share a way of saving a few bob! Before you get excited, you will need a credit card to make your purchase. Sorry!! But for those of you who don't have a credit card I HIGHLY recommend trying out an >O2 Money Card<. You buy one for €5 and it's basically a credit card you can top up. You can top up in various stores or even transfer money from your bank account to the card. You can use the card anywhere you see the Visa card online or in store. You can even use it at ATM's to withdraw money!!!

Back to ASOS.When you visit the website leave the currency set (top right of page) to £'s. Even if you are logged in this is possible. Add your item to your basket and pay with your credit card. It goes through as the £ price and directly converts to the cheaper € price. 

Instead of paying €27.01 when selecting the € price on the website I paid £19/€24.29!! BINGO!!! 

Also keep and out out on this >>>FACEBOOK PAGE<<< or >>>THIS ONE<<< and this >>>TWITTER PAGE<<< for up to date discount voucher codes!! 

Hope this saves you a few bob!


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