20 August 2012

The Body Shop Facial Buffer & money off codes

Dia daoibh!

So recently I've been getting more and more into skin care. I love a scrub with microbeads in it. I love to feel a scrub getting right into my pores and cleaning and refreshing my skin. I tend to overlook clear gel facial washes as I don't feel they fully cleanse my skin, but by doing this am I missing out on a whole range of products!!? Enter The Body Shop's Facial Buffer.

By using this with a regular gel/creamy facial wash I am getting the goodness of the product and the satisfaction of my skin being scrubbed at the same time! BINGO!

"A gentle exfoliating sponge to polish your skin, while cleansing, leaving it feeling refreshed and looking radiant. Use daily for a gentle skin boost. Particularly good for use on dry skin that needs to be exfoliated regularly"

I bought this Facial Buffer in store for €4.95. It's also available >>>HERE<<< on the UK website for £3.

Money Off Voucher Codes!!!

One major problem I have discovered within the last few days is that The Body Shop DO NOT deliver to Ireland via the UK or Worldwide Website. This is hugely disappointing as I do have some great discounts below. I really don't know why this is because we do have stores all over the Republic. I'm sorry to the Irish ladies but UK gals here is something nice for you!!

Get 25% off your first order!

The Body Shop 
 Simply click on the above link, decide what you want and enter the code Welcome at the checkout.

40% Off a purchase!
You can get 40% off one purchase by entering the code 40OFF at the checkout!! This code is valid from today the 20th August 2012 until next Monday the 27th August 2012 at 12pm.

Buy 2 get 2 Free!
For this offer what you will need to do is add 4 items in your basket. Enter the code WINNER at checkout and you will receive the 2 cheaper items for FREE! (Valid until 12 noon 21st August 2012)

Free gift when you spend £5
Top top all these great offers off, if you have more that £5 worth of goods in your basket make sure to visit >>>THIS LINK<<< to add your free gift! (Valid until 12 noon 21st August 2012)

Terms and conditions of the above and more offers can be viewed here
(if you try a few of these codes to see which works for you best, you will probably have to delete/empty your browsers cache/cookies to be able to re-enter a different code)



makeupmonster1 said...

Oh this sounds nice must have a peek next time I'm in there! They defo need to start shipping over here!

Miss Green Eyes said...

That's a nuisance that they don't deliver! Still, the buffer looks good and is a bargain price!

FitznBitz said...

absolutely, so disappointing

FitznBitz said...

Ya it's rididc, especially since they're are loads of stores here, they know it's a popular brand. Brill price :)

Anonymous said...

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