03 January 2013

Dear Diary....

Dia daoibh!
Well halloooo there!! Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2013 will be a great one for all my readers. So; the last time I spoke to you all was Christmas eve with my New Year's Giveaway Post (which is still open for another 2 weeks if you would like to enter). 

Since then, Santa has been and gone to my house, I have spent time with family and eaten lots of gorgeous food and drank equally as gorgeous wine! I tweeted today that "My body is back to work/reality but my brain...... is not." Does anyone else feel like this!!? It's not a negative thing, I just realise it's time to snap back to "reality" now and make the most of the New Year. 

As I promised in my latest video, I will be making a video about my recent bit of weightloss. I did indulge over the Christmas so I'm now on a mission to get back on track again. It's not a resolution though, I haven't made any this year. 

One thing I will be doing throughout the year however is keeping a diary/journal. Not necessarily just to write all my feelings and secrets in but also to include snippets of what I was doing on a particular day, receipts/stubs of places I have been, quotes that catch my eye, inspirational pictures, random lists and thoughts..... that kind of thing. I haven't yet bought my journal though, but here's the type of style I want which I would describe using the following words -  Classic, Leather, Witch, traditional, Handmade, Old Style. Everyone has their own style, but this is 100% what I will be going for. Some of the below ones are available on ebay from India and such places so after I write this post I will be scanning though them!

Does anyone else keep a diary/journal?



hannah said...

everyone seems to be feeling the post xmas blues :( good look with your weightloss just make sure it's done healthy missy !!! I love the old leather journals, i'm searching for one myself. Hope you had a lovely xmas and happy new year



Orla said...

I've seen some similar diaries in the markets here in London and they're lovely! There's a huge stall in Camden that does them a lot of the time with lovely designs in the leather cover. If you're coming over they're well worth a look! :)

FitznBitz said...

Hopefully the blues will fade soon!! Thanks you and I sure will keep it safe and healthy :)

FitznBitz said...

I've heard amaaazing things about Camden Market. I love buying silver jewellery and things like that at markets too. Will def go there at some stage this year hopefully! :)

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