13 February 2013

MAC & Nars Products - An up close look

Dia Daoibh!

Here are some up close looks at my newest MAC lipstick and the beautiful NARS Deep Throat Blusher. The cheapest place I have come across to purchase high end cosmetics is House of Fraser. Prices listed below are from there. As promised, I will be doing full individual review soon including pictures of the lipsticks on the lips. For now, enjoy the up closers!!

MAC Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick - Matte - £14/€16 (€18 in-store) Click >HERE< to purchase online. 

MAC Asian Flower Sheen Supreme Lipstick - Cream - £14.50/€16.75 (€18 in-store) Click >HERE< to purchase online. 

MAC Faux Lipstick - Satin - £14/€16 (€18 in-store) Click >HERE< to purchase online. 

MAC Please Me Lipstick - Matte - £14/€16 (€18 in-store) Click >HERE< to purchase online. 

NARS Deep Throat Blush - £21.50/€25 Click >HERE< to purchase online. 

Any of these take your fancy!!?


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Sarah Egan said...

the candy yum yum lipstick is stunning!!!

FitznBitz said...

Can't wait to try it out! :)

Stephanie Mone said...

mac lipsticks are gone up to 18 euro now :(

FitznBitz said...

ARE they?! Never knew that, since when!?

Stephanie Mone said...

sorry only saw this now since the last time i bought one january maybe i think it was and i was charged 18 and the price where the lipsticks where said 18 actually everything seems to have gone up 50cent they did that quitely :(