07 April 2013

Viviscal Journey - Update #2 1 Month Update

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Dia daoibh!

So here's my 1 month Viviscal update..... I lie, I lie, it's actually 5 weeks but here we go! So I am one third of the way and I am starting to notice some benefits. My hair has grown slightly, although looking at the pictures it doesn't seem as obvious due to my lack of face/camera distance accuracy when taking the photos and also the way it was styled; but I assure you it has!! And it feels the healthiest it has in years! Here are the photo's

(I will use week 2 photos as my "before photos" as after my 1st photo I had my front layers shortened slightly)

Just to show you further how much it has grown, I have taken a picture of my roots to show you exactly, because as you may know from my first post, my hair was freshly coloured on day 1.

So there you can see I have about a centimeter (maybe more) of growth. What do you think of these results? 

I have received many compliments about the shine of my hair which is really great and it feels smooth too. Tablet taking is going great and I am over half way through my 2nd bottle of shampoo.

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