14 January 2014

NYC Valentine's Collection

Dia daoibh!

So, it's January - renowned for being.......crap. The next event we have to look forward to (or dread!!) is Valentines. Below I bring you NYC's Valentines Collection. Now obviously these can be worn all year round but they are particularly suited for Valentines as everything I'm about to show you is pink! Let's delve into the girlishness!!

First up are 3 pink hues. I'm a fan of New York Color's Expert Last Nail Polishes especially. At only €1.99 they won't break the bank and they have an array of shades.

Swatches above were 2 coats each. I find NYC Polishes to be hit and miss depending on the formula (the shimmery ones can be and bit uneven and streaky) but in general you'll need 2 coats minimum.

 On the left is my fav - Bubblegum Pink, a gorgeous coral tinted pink. In the bottle it appears more pink in the bottle but once it hits the nail it has more of a unique touch of creamy coral to it.

In the middle - I was quite surprised at the coverage of Oh Soho Sweet. It being a barely there creamy tinted pink, I was expecting it to be super sheer, but I promise you this was also just 2 coats.

On the right is Long Time Lavender -  as shimmery lilac toned pink. I'm not overwhelmed with this one and it would be my miss of the bunch simply because I'm just not a huge fan of shimmery nail polishes.

Now for the lipsticks. I have to say... I'm not a huge fan of these two in particular. Again, like Long Time Lavender Nail Polish, these lipsticks have a shimmer to them which I'm not fond in a lipstick. 

The packaging is quite plastic-y but for them being just €2.49 I won't hold that against them. These would be lovely as a first lipstick though as they're not hugely pigmented. I think slight shimmer on the lips is just darling on young ladies entering the world of make-up (just not partnered with shimmery eyes or cheeks!)

Below is 417 Flirty on the lips.

Below is 411 Snowcone on the lips.

So there you have it. New York Color's Valentines Collection. Anything tickle your pink fancy?


The above products were sent to me from the brands PR Team for reviewing purposes. All opinions above are completely my own, 100% honest thoughts on the product. 

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