22 January 2014

Wednesday Weigh In #1 - Nupo Journey

Dia Daoibh!

So..... here we go. Now's the time I share with you,  the juicy bits.... how much do I weigh and how much I need to lose.

About ME!

 I'm now the heaviest I have ever been in my life (including when I was pregnant) weighing in at 13st.8lbs/86.2kg. At 5'5 this puts me well overweight.

According to my BMI number which is 31.7 I am just at the beginning of the "obese" range!! Scary :( Again, not everyone agrees with BMI calculations but either way.... I'm well over weight. Some say I don't look what I weigh, which in itself is a great thing, but at the same time, according to all the figures, my body is not at a healthy weight. It's time to change that.

One of my aims is to get to a healthy BMI number which is between 18.5-24.9. Below are calculations of what I would need to lose to get into a healthy BMI rate/weight. (conversions may be slightly different!)

Starting weight  -  13st.8lbs
Highest Healthy weight  -  10st.9lbs
At minimum, need to lose  -  2st.13lbs

Starting weight  -   86.2kg
Highest Healthy weight  -   67.8kg
At minimum, need to lose  -  18.4kg

Below are the Nupo calculations:

In saying all this, at the end of the day, numbers aren't the most important thing. When it comes to weight, how you look and feel is 100 times more important that what a number on a weighing scales or BMI calculator says. No one knows those numbers only you.

Throughout the past few years my weight has fluctuated a lot. I put on weight mostly through laziness and over-"treating" myself with fast food like Chinese and my ultimate favourite..... Pizza. Overeating on pastries with my cup of coffee and chocolate in the evening was not doing me any favours and I knew this, I just didn't care. At the moment, as I mentioned, I am the heaviest I have ever been and I'm determined to not let it go any further. I have an 8 year old son to be an example for so now's the time to get my ass in gear, once and for all.

I feel positive that I will succeed in losing weight and I hope it will be through the Nupo plan. I know I can lose weight, I have done it many times before so I'm not too daunted. I'm in quite a positive place at the moment and feel it's the right time to get going with my new diet. 

I will weigh in weekly and update you every Wednesday for my "Wednesday Weigh In"...... original... I know! I hope you enjoy my journey here on my blog and over on my Vlogging You Tube Channel >HERE<



Aoife O'Herlihy said...

You DO NOT look that weight.... at all.. your so lucky. Cant wait to see how nupo is

Glamour & Go said...

Hey Laura well done for posting this your so brave. I am very similar - 5'2" and my weight has is constantly up and down since becoming an adult. At the heaviest it was 13st. Like you, people tell me I hide it well. I definitely don't think you look 13st. My weight issues are totally down to unhealthy eating. A pizza from our local Italian chipper - heaven!!!!! Then it got to a stage where my health was going down hill fast. I wasn't getting vitamins or minerals and I felt rubbish. So I had to sort myself out!!!! The usual healthy eating exercise blah blah worked for me. Anyway I totally know how you feel! I noticed some comments people left you about Nupo and to be frank I think they were rude. Your a smart women who can make her own decisions. Best of luck, and I've watched all your vlogs they are great, I really want a pug now!!!!! Susie

FitznBitz said...

Thanks so much for the support Susie, it really means a lot. Pizza..... my ULTIMATE favourite. I will miss it but this won't be a permanent thing, more of a kick start to my new healthier life! I don't want to start having health problems in my 20's so I'm acting now and feel good about it. Thanks for following my blog and vlogs xo

FitznBitz said...

Yes, I guess I am lucky that I seem to carry it well - by no means look slim though! Thanks for checking in :)

Shannon O'S said...

Cannot WAIT to see how you get on. You seem so genuine and honest in all of your reviews

FitznBitz said...

Thank you Shannon, that means a lot :)