29 January 2014

Wednesday Weigh In #2 - Nupo Journey

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Dia daoibh!

So I'm one week down on the Nupo plan. Let's get the important stuff out of the way and reveal my current weight after a week of just shakes!

Yay!!! I'm down 7lbs or another way of saying it is half a stone! I'm thrilled with my first week of results. Now obviously this will be the most extravagant of all my weekly weigh ins but nonetheless, a brilliant result if I do say so myself! I have to say though, the latter part of the week was challenging...

Two or three people mailed me on >Facebook< asking if I was cutting out all drinks other than water. I did, bar coffee, but even that I have altered and cut down on. I now have my coffee with fat free milk and a sweetener (which I used anyway) so calories are minimal.

Exercise wise, again was very minimal. I walked home from work a few days and Bulmer (my pug!) a few times but no excessive exercise was done, so I definitely but my weight loss down to diet.

Day one was fine getting to grips with everything and tasting the various flavours of the shakes, bars and soups was exciting. 

On day two I did have a thumping headache in the afternoon even though I was drinking my 2-3 litres of water. Withdrawals from food maybe!? Also on day two I struggled to finish my lunch - the vegetable soup but forced myself to. 

On day three I didn't end up getting all 3 meals in which is a no no. Work was hectic and I had forgotten my afternoon shake. After work something came up and I didn't get home until the evening. I learned my lesson there that I have to keep a bar or shake mix on me at all times if you want to stick to a strict Nupo only diet.

Towards the end of day 3 and on day 4 I noticed something peculiar. My breath stank! I have heard that this is due to Ketosis occurring (when carbohydrates are reduced in the diet) and the body begins to burn fat. I also came to the conculsion that I much prefer the shakes ice cold and added ice cubes to it. 

By day 5 I was getting a bit sick of the same flavours and textures, I couldn't face another shake and again although I had all 6 meals I didn't finish them all. At this point I had given up on the soups (which I really just don't like) and just stuck to the shakes.

Day 6.... really missing food. I was out and about that day and snacked on a Mint flavour chocolate Nupo bar but when I got home that evening, the idea of a shake sickened me. I needed food..... stat. I cooked the below which adds up to about 200 calories.

Day 7, (today as I write this) again I felt that I was having so much of the same flavours and consistency and was really missing food. I never realised how much I would actually miss food and I now appreciate it so so much more. I have decided that the full on shake approach is not for me and next week I will be incorporating some healthy foods into my diet along with my Nupo shakes and bars.

Round Up!
I've lost 7lbs in 1 week. The bars are nice, the shakes are 
As I mentioned, I am thrilled with a 7lb loss and look forward to my next weigh in Wednesday.


Nupo products were very kindly sent to me for reviewing purposes. All opinions above are completely my own, 100% honest thoughts on the products and I have not been paid to trial the products.

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