11 December 2015

Current Favourite Lip Combos

Dia daoibh!

TGIF...... am I right!? I've been sick this week.. boo! :( But thankfully I had this video recorded since last week so that I can keep up with my theme of #FitzyFriday.  I'm aiming to have a new blogpost or video up every Friday.  I hope you like the idea and I hope I can stick to it! That's the beauty of having a blog and a You Tube Channel.  If I happen to be sick and unable to record a video, I can hopefully write a blogpost instead!
This week I decided to make a video on my current favourite lip combos of lipsticks and lip liners.  As mentioned in the video, I wasn't always a lip liner user, but as of the past few months, liners have been creeping their way into my daily make up routine.  Be sure to leave a comment under the video letting me know if you use lipliners and what ones are your favourites!
Here's a list of all 10 items mentioned in my videos with links of where you can purchase them online:
MAC Half n Half Lipstick 

MAC Spice Lipliner 

MAC Rebel LipsticK

NYX Prune Lipliner

Wet 'n' Wild Think Pink Lipstick  

Essence 12 Wish Me  A Rose Lipliner

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Birthday Suit

Penneys / Primark P.S. Love Lipliner in Nude

Inglot Lipstick in 189

Essence 15 Honey Berry Lipliner
So there you go; my current favourite combinations!  I might do another one of these video again soon, as any of my long terms viewers know, lip products are my cryptonite and I am constanstly trying out new products and shades.
I hope you have a fabulous and safe weekend and be sure to let me know your favourite lip combos!  Click below to watch the video!


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