22 May 2017

Kiss New York Eye Make Up Review

Dia daoibh

Today I'm here to share some eye products from Kiss.  Kiss is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of professional quality nail products.  Through the success of their nail line, they have branched into the cosmetics sector launching lashes and they now offer a range of affordable make up.  

Kiss New York Professional Curl & Volume Dead Sexy Lashes Mascara 

The Kiss Curl & Volume Dead Sexy Lashes Mascara comes with a lot of claims!! It promises to create full body, high volume curls. Benefits include to give 95% spectacular volume & curl, 100% extreme wear and 100%  smudge-proof.  
Does it do all of this!? Well, I don't tend to measure the volume percentage of my lashes on the daily, but short answer..... no.  I don't find it adds much volume at all in fact.  If anything, it's more or a separating or lengthening mascara. It's quite a dry mascara so it works well to hold a curl though but on the flip side, I did find it to feel a little... crunchy. The wand is a slightly curved bristle brush.  As with all mascaras, give this mascara a few uses before it get's to it best.  
I have to mention my one gripe with the packaging that I had though! On the back of the box (not the detail of the product itself ).  It shows a before and after image and the after image clearly shows the model wearing false lashes.  I despise this in mascara advertising!!!!

Kiss New York Professional Luxury Eye Crayon

The Kiss Luxury Eye Crayons are Jumbo style, waterproof eye pencils that come in 18 shades and can be used as a liner or as a cream eyeshadow once blended out. The first thing I noticed about these is the packaging - the glossy black pencil is retractable, which I love! No need to faff with pencil sharpeners!

Of the three shades I tried, the black shade, named simply, 'Black', was matte, the blue shade named 'Violet' had glitter in it and the cream one named 'Pearl Ivory' had some shimmer through it.  Personally, I would stick to the matte shades.  The pencils are all well pigmented and glide on easily without tugging on the skin.
Kiss is available from select pharmacies around Ireland.  Check out their Facebook page >HERE< to see if there's one near you.


The above products were sent to me from the brands PR Team for reviewing purposes. All opinions above are completely my own, 100% honest thoughts on the product.

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