01 January 2018

FitznBitz does 2018

Dia daoibh!

A new year, new chances. Welcome 2018!  I'm back to blogging and with today being the first day of the new year I wanted to reintroduce myself and welcome you to my newly revamped blog.  
If you're new here, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my little corner of the world wide web. If you've been here before, thank you for returning and supporting my blog.   

I'm "Fitz" and I write about "Bitz"; mainly beauty bitz.  My blog is focused on reviews, my honest opinion of makeup, skincare, haircare. If there's ever something specific you'd like my review or give my opinion of, just shoot me a message (my social media is at the top right).
I've been through a lot in 2017 on so many different levels - personal, professional, friendships, relationships, mental journeys and more.  We all have our own things going on and if I've learned anything in 2017 it's to simply be kind.  Be present. Be aware.  Be true to yourself.
Back to the blog.  My aim for 2018 is to blog regularly.  One of my downfalls in 2017 was irregularity.  I'd post here and there in a non scheduled manner.  This year.... will be different.  I'm going to put  my beautiful new Leanún planner to good use.  (I might do a post on the planner in fact).
I'll try to focus on new products also.  I've noticed that there's huge hype when a new foundation, lipstick etc. is released and I'm here to give an honest, real review, not a rewrite of a PR release praising the shite of something for no good reason other than to please companies and perhaps gain a few free goodies along the way.
On the point of free stuff..... lets be real.  We all know bloggers work in different ways when it comes to freebies, sponsored posts and the like.  I myself, do accept products to try, but I have never accepted payment to promote a product.  I accept products for free to try out in exchange for my written review.  Simple. It's the way it's always been here on FitznBitz and it's the way it will continue.  For those of you out there who are wary of honesty in bloggers, I have and will always continue to disclose when a product has been sent to me (even though I'm not actually required to.  I just feel better about it by doing so).
So there you go.  More of the same for 2018 but hopefully in a more regular schedule.  I'd love for us to trust each other here and get to know one another.  Leave a comment if you stop by.  I'd love to know you were here.  Here's to 2018.


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