About Me

My name is Laura and I'm from the rebel county of Cork in Ireland. My birthday is the 2nd of July making me a Cancerian. (Yes I can be crabby and sensitive!) My favourite number is 3. My favourite colour is purple.  My favourite shape is a star.   My favourite season is Autumn. If I had to live off one food for the rest of my life - no question; it would be pizza.  Other things I love, coffee, pugs, sauv blanc, chocolate & reality tv!


My love for make up and other beauty related things has been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. As a  child, my curiosity of make up began one Halloween, when I was introduced to face paints! I remember being so fascinated that these products and colours could change the way you look, to make you look different, prettier, or indeed the opposite! 

Other early memories of make up are from my older sisters getting ready for nights out. I would "help" them and also help myself to their stuff! I have to say though, no one in my family has the love for make-up/cosmetics/beauty that I have, so I like to think I was just born with the love :) 

I have loved playing around with different products ever since I was very young and I have learned a lot from watching and taking things in from others. I'm still learning new things everyday thanks to the online beauty community. Within the last couple of years, I have also found  Blogs and You Tube to be a massive help for learning about make up, tips and application.

Other than blogging I love making videos for my You Tube Channel I enjoy reading, trying different foods, going to the cinema, watching films at home with a glass of wine/bottle of beer!! I also seem to procrastinate a lot on the internet - mainly other peoples blogs and You Tube. 

And that's about it! So welcome to my little spot on the internet, where you get to follow my ramblings on make up, beauty and other random things :) 


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