28 January 2011

My Asos Order

Hello again.
So a while ago I received an order from Asos. I bought a few beauty bits from the January Sale and I have to say I was very happy with everything. It came in a box (which I always am happy about for some reason – when they send something thrown into an aul envelope it feels so...lazy!!) Pic below:
First up and the thing I was most excited about is the Too Faced Pixie Pin Ups Palette. It comes in a cute little pop up box and a little drawer with the contents pulls out underneath.

Included are 6 eyeshadows, a mini Shadow Insurance, a mini Lash Injection Pin Point Mascara and a mini Lava Gloss Black Eyeliner. I’ve tried some of the shadows and.... I like them. They’re quite neutral subtle colours and perfect for everyday wear. They also have good staying power. I haven’t tried the Shadow Insurance (primer) yet as I don’t want to open it until my other primer is finished. Below are some pics of the shadows:
(Above I used: Heaven (cream), I Know What Boys Want (pink) and Like A Virgin (brown))

Next is the Mascara. Now the first thing I noticed when I opened this was..... not good. The smell. Euuuugh! It has a really strong, industrial, chemical smell. NOT good. The formulation and wand are ok. If you like subtle mascara then this is nice but personally I wasn’t amazed by it. It did find however, that the brush was good to grab all the small little lashes – but that might be because the wand itself is so small. Overall, it stinks, but it’s grand.
And then the eyeliner. It’s really black. One of the blackest liners I’ve ever seen so thumbs up for that!
Next I bought my first Eyeko 3 in 1 Cream – Moisturiser, highlighter and eye cream. This is nice to use under foundation for an extra glow. I’m not sure about using it as an actual highlighter though. I’ve this weird thing thinking that putting it on after my foundation that it would just mush it!

I also got the Big Eyes Mascara. I am in LOVE. This mascara is fabulous! It makes my lashes so much blacker and looonger. Beautiful. Best looking mascara I’ve used. It’s in a squidgy tube – really unique. Also the wand is quite unusual. The bristles are swirled around and it looks like it's gonna be completly crap - believe me, it's not! The only downside – getting it off. It literally stays put all day long so this is the trouble in the evening trying to get it off. Wipes do not work. I have just been using warm water and rubbing my lashes between my fingers (do not pull if you wana lose your eyelashes!!) This is my FAV mascara. So happy I discovered it.

Along with that came a Graffiti Liquid Liner pen in purple. It has a felt tip. It sometimes tends to bleed (as you can see in the pic below – swatch to the left) but other than that it’s good. Good staying power too.

And the last thing I got were some Barry M products. A Pink lipgloss – in Bubble Gum Pink and the Intense Black Eyeliner Pen. The Lipgloss is lovely. Surprisingly wearable so don’t be shocked by the luminosity of it. It smells beautifully like Bubblegum! The eyeliner is lovely too. It’s a kohl one and is quite pigmented. It’s a twisty one which is handy seeing as though I’m always losing my pearers/sharpener/pointer or whatever you like to call them!!

I also got a Bourjois Blusher. This one is a Bourjois Asos Exclusive, Limited-Edition Vintage-Blusher in the colour Pink-Shimmer. (bit of a mouthful) I love Bourjois blushers. They give a sweep of colour and I find in a lot of them they also have some highlight shimmer too. It has a handy little mirror and comes with a cute little brush....which I immediately give to Cathal to paint with!!

So that's it. Have you ordered from Asos before? Whacha get!!? How did you find their service?

     Laura  xo

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