16 January 2011

Ombre Hair

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So, I was watching one of ThePersianbabe’s (Barbara’s) videos on YouTube about ombre hair”. I quite admire her style and even though I completly do not look like her I feel I can relate to her style. When she mentioned ombre a couple of weeks ago I hadn't a clue what it was and now it’s all I can think about!! Thanks Barbara!! I kinda love when that happens though!! Basically Ombre is a French term for "shaded," and it’s originally a word used a lot to do with fabrics - a colour effect where the colour gradually changes from light to dark over the item of clothing. I’ve seen it a lot on blonde hair but recently it’s been creeping in and becoming much more popular with darker and other shades of hair. Below is a pic of some famous peeps with the do!!
(Image from www.whowhatwear.com) 
In particular I love Shenae Grimes’s hair (Annie from 90210). I always have, but the colour in this picture in particular I really like. It’s probably exactly what I’m going to do with mine sometime soon. In saying that, I have vowed to myself I will NOT buy any clothes or do my hair until I have lost weight as part of my New Year’s Resolution!! (I’ll speak about that in my next post.) Also Fearne Cotton’s hair is lovely, but she’s more a less blonde compared to me. My natural hair is really really dark brown with a slight tint of red, so I think this hairstyle colouring would be quite handy for me!! Giuliana Rancic is another lady who sports this look in a more subtle way. She actually tweeted about it recently!!!

(Images from Giuliana’s twitter a/c and www.celebs101.com)
Here are some other beauties who also liking the Ombre hairstyle:
Lily Aldrige                                             Rachel Bilson

Whitney Port                                                    Cheryl Cole
(Image from www.dirtylooks.com)
Obviously the main benefit of this style is that it’s low maintenance. No root touch ups required!! Phewww!! If you’re into the messy look in my opinion this look would be ideal. The only thing I’m wondering about is what does it look like straightened?? I don’t think it would look quite as flattering as it does with waves or slightly curled. But in saying that, I’m hoping to cut down on straightening my hair due to breakage/damage and split ends, so again with this style leaving it natural would work well. I think a deep conditioning treatment for the ends of the hair would be necessary every now and again though, because of the lightening or perhaps bleaching towards the ends of the hair – but that's no biggie. All in all, I’ll be keeping this look in mind!
You likey?? Or no likey!??

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