21 January 2011

Vaseline Cocoa Butter & Cheap Naked Palette Dupe!!

So I thought I’d share my 2 latest discoveries! Well, one discovery of my own and one recommendation from another girlie. I’ll start off with that. Recently, fellow blogger Dollface posted on her twitter about adoring the New Vaseline Cocoa Butter. Immediately the body lotion sprang to mind as I was addicted to that for a long time and still have a supply in my drawer. So I responded agreeing that I loved it, but then thought, “WAIT that’s not particularly new??” It was the new Vaseline Lip Therapy she was referring to, so I popped into the chemist after work and was delighted to see a few on the counter. For €1.99 it’s a steal and well worth it for these harsh cold days. It smells gorg!! Will def be keeping this in my bag!

Next up is a cheap alternative to the infamous Naked Palette by Urban Decay. It’s a little 4 pan palette with a gel liner and you’ll never guess who makes it? Essence. A lot of you might be familiar with the cheapy brand which is widely available throughout Ireland in chemists and most Dunne’s. Their latest range ‘Metallics’ caught my eye as I’m a sucker for greys, browns silvers and other metallic shades. I was in a rush and picked out the brown palette. I took it out that evening and had a look at it and was pleasantly surprised. The next day I wore it and it stayed all day! Well, I did use UD Primer Potion... but still, I loved it. Here are some pics:

(The larger swatch to the right is the gel liner smudged out.)

I also picked up the matching little eyeliner brush. It's dotey and actually a lovely precise little brush. The eyeliner on the other hand is not the best. If I'm to use it it'll be as a base for darker eyeshadows.

Now for a few €uro you can’t go wrong with this, plus it’s a nice and handy size to bring along in your bag with you instead of the larger Urban Decay palette – which I’m sure if you’re lucky enough to own you won’t want to damage.


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