11 February 2011

My E.L.F Order

Hello again!!
So a while ago I made my first ever order to ELF. I do have some ELF products already including a powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, lip stain and blusher; but I bought all of these in Target while I was in New York last year.  I made my order while they were having free shipping. I recommend following/liking them on their Twitter and Facebook pages as they update regularly with lots of special offers. One of the best companies I’ve seen to do this actually. Anyway, down to business!! Here’s an overview of what I got!

I’ll start off with the 32 piece eye shadow palette (which I got for half price! down to £4.50/€5.30... oooh ya!) The packaging of Elf products in general is very nice I have to say. This is a bit sticky to open, maybe it’s just mine? To be honest I haven’t used this a whole pile to give a proper review, but from what I have used from it I’m a bit 50/50 about it. It’s a bit too glittery for me....I’m just NOT a glittery person – if you are you’ll probably like this product a lot more! Pigmentation is quite good, and there are plenty of shades. I don’t know why, but I’m not overly enthusiastic about this. But in saying that, it’s handy to have lots of different colours in one nice sized lovely looking palette. It comes with double ended sponge applicator (yock!) and a nice sized mirror in the lid – which is a lovely idea. Size wise I’ve left it with a 10c coin below for comparison.



(I went to look for a link to this on the website but it seems it’s not there anymore. Not sure if they’re getting it back either)
Next up is the blusher – which I love. I got the shade Merry Berry’ from the Studio range. Its was £3.50/€4.10. Again it’s a tad on the glittery side....well; the shimmer within it contains some glitter, but not enough to put me off. It’s a gorg berry colour and I don’t have another blusher like it. The packaging of this is fabulous – one of, if not, my favourite blusher packaging. Really similar to Nars. Love it!


Next – Nail Varnish. I got the shade ‘Desert Haze’ for £1/€1.20 - 33% off! I found it hard to choose a colour as they has a lovey range of shades on the site. I eventually decided on this and I’m glad I did. I LOVE this colour.

I’ve heard people saying that the staying power of their nail varnishes is not great, but personally with this one I find it fine. I used 2/3 coats all right but it didn’t start chipping until about the 3rd day (this is good for me, I’m fairly handsy!!) Again I love the packaging – quite sleek. One thing though, I think mine may have been used before I got it. When I opened the lid this is what I saw:

No, biggie as it’s a nail varnish. Now if it were an eye or lip product... I’d be on the phone! But for now Elf, I forgive you as it’s such a fab shade! ;)

I also bought the Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm after watching Julie's video on her You Tube channel. You can watch the video HERE. After seeing that I was like “hell ya I’m buying that!” I also took in to account what she said about the nude nail varnish colour she picked – I was about to go for the same one!! Thanks Julie ;) ha! Anyway, the lip balm, I got it for £1.50/€1.75 and I chose ‘Vanilla Creme’ thinking it would be vanillaish smelling... nope, it’s not. BUT....it smells of something else. Something nice (in my opinion – this may be weird!!) I smelt it and was like... “What the hell?”....it was familiar... I knew this smell.... I defiantly knew this smell. I stood there for a few minutes sniffing away at it. Ugh WHAT WAS IS!? I was at home alone apart from Cathal so I asked him, haha! And he said “it smells like lipstick mom”....right Cathal, thanks!! My sis called over a few hours later – thank god because when I can’t remember what a smell is, or the name of a song, or someone’s name etc. it drives me bonkers! Wana know what it smells like???? CALPOL!! Yep it def smells like calpol! It’s loverly!! Ok that was a bit of a rant... sorry!! It’s a fab lip balm, nice size, feels beautiful on the lips, you already know what I think of the smell... but one negative. When I opened it (twisted it up) it wouldn't go down...ahhh! I tried gently to push it down as I twisted but the formulation is so soft it just squished it. I had to slice it off with a knife and I’m making sure not to put it up too much anymore. Hopefully this is just a once off cause I def want to repurchase and try some other fragrances.

I bought a Hypershine Lipgloss in ‘Mauve’ for £1.50/€1.75. This, I’m not bothered with at all. The packaging doesn’t particularly look nice. I like that it has a brush applicator. The colour looks nice but unfortunately on my lips it does nothing. It just looks like a clear gloss. I have fairly dark/red lips. Again this may be lovely on someone else, just does nothing for me :)

And lastly I just bought the Dual Pencil Sharpener (which includes a bonus single sharpener too) for £1.50/€1.75

And that’s it for now!! Overall I was very pleased. I felt the products can be a bit hit and miss. When they hit, they hit very well and to be honest I don't mind missing so much because of the brilliant prices they have. I will be shopping with them again. Have you purchased from ELF? What did you think? Thanks for reading and speak soon!

Laura  xo 

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